I'm Amelia, and i'm a fashion designer. Well, almost. I'm in the fashion industry. Anyway, there's a band called 'One Direction' who's recently made it in the music world. So, I went to the launch party, and I think it's fair to say things pretty much launched from there, into a whole new life, maybe including our new friends..One Direction.


3. Embarrassed already

 So there I was, in One Direction's bathroom sitting on the floor with a drunk Megan throwing up over the toilet. How nice. 'It's okay, just let it out Megan' I sighed, rubbing her back as she was leaning over the toilet being sick. 'Why am I doing this?' I quietly muttered to myself, knowing Megan wouldn't hear me in her state. I heard the door squeak open and I turned my head to see who was there. 'Need any help?' Louis smiled weakly as he poked his head round the door then fully came in. 'No honestly it's fine, i'm just sorry she's got herself in such a state at your party' I sighed. He chuckled and sat next to me. 'It's okay, the party's over now anyway everyone's gone home' He said. I'd spent my whole night nursing Megan, missing the whole party. She was going to pay for this. 'I'm sorry, we should really go now' I said quickly, feeling like I was overstaying my welcome. I tried to get Megan up but she was now still drunk, still throwing up and somehow half asleep. I got both her arms and tried to pull her up but she just collapsed in a heap again on the floor. I stood with my hands on my hips, looking at her with frustration. 'Amelia, just let her stay here for tonight, there's no way you're gonna be able to get her home!' Louis offered. I shook my head. 'I can't let you do that, we've already overstayed our welcome' I replied. He shook his head back. 'Honestly. just leave her here, you can stay if you want as well?' He asked. I couldn't stay at some random boy's house, I barely knew them. I could leave Megan however. 'Are you sure you don't mind having her?' I asked wearily. 'I'll look after her tonight' Louis promised. I smiled gratefully as Daisy marched through into the bathroom with an intoxicated Harry. She practically shoved Megan out the way in time as Harry threw up in the toilet. Louis and I looked at each other in disgust before quietly laughing at Harry's state. 'Brilliant, that's 2 people I have to look after!' Louis joked. Liam then walked in looking for Harry. 'Come on Harry, i'll take you to bed' He sighed, dragging Harry out. 'This is so stupid, why is everyone in this toilet there's like 5 others' Louis laughed. 'Come on the Dais, we should get going' I said quietly as Louis carefully picked Megan up. 'Megan's staying here tonight' I told Daisy. She nodded in relief.  Louis went down a corridor and into a room where he obviously put Megan. Then he came out to say goodbye. 'Listen, thank you so much again for having her, i'll come and get her in the morning' I promised him. 'It's fine Amelia don't worry about it' He chuckled. Daisy smiled at him gratefully. 'Tell Harry I hope he feels better..kinda' Daisy laughed as we remembered her marching in with him earlier. 

We were at the boy's front door and it was now 3am. Harry was in bed, Niall was nowhere to be seen so it was Liam, Louis and a half asleep Zayn waving us off. 'Are you sure you can get home?' Liam asked. I looked at Daisy and she nodded slowly. 'Y-yeah there will be a cab hopefully' She said. Liam didn't look convinced but he left it. 'Thank you again for having Megan, sorry about demolishing your bathroom kinda' I laughed. 'Well, see you tomorrow!' Daisy smiled as we turned to leave. 'Wait, girls!' We turned back around to see a breathless Niall with my bag. 'Amelia, is this yours?' He asked as he handed it to me. 'Oh my god, yes thankyou Niall!' I hugged him, as I completely forgot i'd left my bag. He smiled shyly. 'See you tomorrow then' I said as we walked down the driveway.

It was 4am and we were stood on the little path opposite One Direction's house waiting for a cab. 'Dais, I don't think it's gonna come' I sighed tiredly. 'No, it will' She said firmly. At half 4 we had given up. 'What are we gonna do? We can't stay here all night!' I whined. Daisy didn't even reply, she just grabbed my hand and marched over the road and up One Direction's driveway. 'What are you doing?' I whisper-screamed at her. 'Do you want to sleep on the street?' She replied as he briskly knocked on the front door. I covered my face with my hands in embarrassment. 'It's 4:30am, nobody will come to the door!' I said. As if on cue, a very tired Niall appeared at the door. He was honestly half asleep, in a pair of joggers and shirtless. 'Listen Niall, we're so sorry but we actually can't get home..' Daisy said. He opened the door wider to let us in. 'Don't worry you can stay here' he replied leading us upstairs. This place actually was massive, how did he know his way around? He showed Daisy to a room and then one for me next door. I sat on the bed and smiled at him. He came and sat next to me. 'I'm so so sorry, this is so embarrassing but Daisy made us come and-' I blubbered out quietly. He chuckled and smiled at me. 'Amelia, it's fine honestly' He reassured. I shook my head. How is it possible that i've ended up staying at some boy's house that I met yesterday? Oh well, it's better than outside. 'Well thanks again Niall' I smiled. He smiled back and left me in peace.

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