I'm Amelia, and i'm a fashion designer. Well, almost. I'm in the fashion industry. Anyway, there's a band called 'One Direction' who's recently made it in the music world. So, I went to the launch party, and I think it's fair to say things pretty much launched from there, into a whole new life, maybe including our new friends..One Direction.


8. Company

I walked into the living room to see Harry, Liam, Louis and..Megan? They boys greeted me and I raised an eyebrow at Megan sprawled over Louis whilst they were watching tv. She obviously hadn't noticed me. I laughed a little and her head popped up. She grinned. 'Hey Mills' she said. She was the only one who called me Mills sometimes instead of Amelia. 'I didn't realize you left work?' I asked her as I sat on an empty sofa. She nodded. 'Well it's my lunch break so I thought i'd come and see the guys' She explained. She paused before carrying on. 'Why are you here then?' She said curiously. I frowned and  looked down, feeling embarrassed having to say it in front of everyone. 'I-I lost my job' I mumbled casually. She gasped as did Louis. Harry and Liam gave me sympathetic looks. 'What happened?!' She cried. I shrugged and she obviously got the hint that I would tell her later. 'Are you okay though?' Louis asked with a frown. I nodded, as I felt my throat getting tight, threatening to leak tears and not risking myself to talk. He smiled a little and left it. 

We watched some tv and I just wasn't enjoying myself. I thought that company would help but honestly I wanted to go home and cry by myself. I couldn't hold it in any longer, so I got up and murmured to the others goodbye. I must have sounded so rude but I couldn't help it. Louis came out into the hallway where I put my shoes on. 'Hey, are you sure you're okay?' He said as he put his hand on my shoulder. 'Yeah-yeah i'm fine, I think I just need some alone time or something' I babbled. He nodded but unconvinced. 'I'll call you later and make sure you're alright, okay?' He warned me. I nodded gratefully. 

'I'll give you a lift back Amelia' Niall called as he came down the hallway. I didn't reject the offer and let him take me home. I felt so much more comfortable with just Niall. It felt like I didn't have to hide anything from him. We pulled up into my driveway. 'Do you want to come in? There's nobody home?' I asked him. He nodded as we got out and went inside. I told him to make himself comfortable as he usually does when he's here in the living room as I took my stuff into my room. I sat on my bed for a minute and let out a loud sigh. I looked at myself in my dressing table mirror. I looked pale and my eyes looks dark and lifeless like they do when i'm upset about something. My hair was a flat mess and my posture was awful as I sat there all slumped over and fragile. I watched myself in the mirror as I started to cry properly for the first time in ages. I buried my head in my hands and let it all out. I heard a knock at my door and I sniffed as I tried to stop crying. 'Amelia? Are you okay?' I heard Niall say. Shit, I forgot I left Niall outside. 'Yeah, one minute!' I called weakly as I wiped the mascara from under my eyes, pulled my hair back into a ponytail and applied the quickest layer of powder foundation over my puffy face from crying. I took a deep breath and opened the door with a smile. 'Are you okay?' Niall asked concerned as I padded over to the sofa and flopped down, hugging a pillow tightly. I nodded quickly. He came and sat next to me. I dropped my head into my knees, feeling vulnerable. I felt him put his arms around me and I buried my head into his chest. 'It's okay, you'll sort something out' He assured me. I pulled away with a frown. 'What if I don't though, it's so hard to get a job nowadays!' I mumbled. 'Don't worry about it right now Amelia, you have ages until you have to worry about it okay?' He said sweetly. I smiled at him. 'See, there's that smile I love' He winked as we both laughed. Niall suddenly stopped laughing and looked straight at me, intently. I looked at him, studying him. I don't think we realized how close we'd actually got, and before I got a chance to think about what was going to happen, Niall softly pushed his lips against mine. I tensed at first, feeling unsure but then I let myself relax as I kissed him back. 

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