I'm Amelia, and i'm a fashion designer. Well, almost. I'm in the fashion industry. Anyway, there's a band called 'One Direction' who's recently made it in the music world. So, I went to the launch party, and I think it's fair to say things pretty much launched from there, into a whole new life, maybe including our new friends..One Direction.


15. Birthday

It had been a few weeks since me and Niall had officially become a couple. I saw him a lot, and me,Daisy and Megan went over to they boys' house and they came over to our flat. We'd all got closer recently and I was glad because I loved all the boys and my girls so it was nice that we were all getting on so well. 

It was my birthday tomorrow and Niall kept telling me that he had a surprise for me, just us two alone. I didn't want to leave everyone out though so we were going to go out tonight then go to Niall's surprise tomorrow on my actual birthday.


'I'm excited for tonight! We haven't gone out in ages!' Megan said as she applied her makeup. 'Me too!' I agreed. I was wearing a burgundy coloured crop top with some leather leggings and black heels. I straightened my hair and did my makeup. At half 7, we were ready to go as the boys were coming over to ours then we were walking there because it was literally down the road from our flat. I heard the bell go and I went to answer the door. I was greeted with Louis first. 'Hey!' I said as I let them all in. 'You alright darling' Niall greeted me with a quick kiss. His irish accent still made me feel weak at the knees. 

We got to the club at about half 8 and me and Niall were straight on the drinks. Liam and Zayn weren't drinking however me,Niall,Megan,Louis and Harry and Daisy were. 'Amelia?' Niall shouted over the noise to me even though I was standing right next to him. 'Yeah?' I replied. 'Can we just get absolutely hammered? Seeing as it is your birthday tomorrow?' He laughed. I nodded and laughed. I hadn't seen Niall drunk before, so this would be interesting. We started ordering drink upon drink.


It was now 2am and me and Niall were drunk. Very drunk. We lost the others in the club, and I only briefly saw Louis and Megan making out in the corner at some point in the night. Niall's hand was tightly clutching mine throughout the night, his other had a drink in it. We weren't even properly talking to each other we were just laughing over everything. Niall was great when he was drunk, he was so funny. 'It's so hot in here' He mumbled to me. I managed to make out what he said and started pulling him through the crowd outside. We stood outside and he pulled me over to lean on the wall. I leant against it trying to keep my balance as Niall stood in front of me. 'This has been a good night' I mumbled. 'Shame we probably won't remember it tomorrow' He slurred back as he stepped closer to me and started kissing me. We hadn't kissed like this before, it was exciting and rough and I kinda liked it. I loosely rested my arms around his neck as he pulled me towards him with his hands tightly around my lower back. We carried on our little make out session, until we heard someone laugh. I pulled away a little bit to vaguely see Harry, then followed by the others. Niall grinned at me as he took my hand and pulled my towards them. 'Oh christ' I heard Liam mutter as we stumbled over to them. 'We're going home now, we're gonna stay at the girls' house' Zayn told Niall. Niall didn't even reply he just carried on walking but kept swaying to the side. We were still holding hands and we were pretty unbalanced. I heard some laughs behind us, probably laughing at the state of us but I ignored it. 'I'm too tired' I whined. Niall chuckled at me. 'I'm too tired and I feel ill and I can't even see where i'm going' I barely managed to speak out, before I let go on Niall's hand and just sat down on the edge of the path with my head in my hands. 'Amelia, are you okay?' Niall slurred, I heard him come closer, he sat down next to me. 'You okay Amelia?' I heard Zayn say. I gave him a small nod, not bothering to put my head up. 'Are you going to be sick?' Niall nudged me. 'I don't know' I whispered. I quickly leaned forward and almost on cue, I threw up. As always, it has to be me that's sick, for fucks sake. I felt Niall's hand on my back as somebody helped me up. 'Come on Amelia' Niall said softly but slurry as he put his arm around me and we somehow got home.

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