You Stole My Heart

No one understands Cassidy Holt, not even her parents. Well, considering they're dead. Her only friend is a boy by the name of Zayn. He is going through the exact same things as Cassidy. They begin to have feelings for each other, until it becomes too much to handle. Will Zayn and Cassidy reunite their friendship and start it all over again?

*Chapters 1-12 are switching POVs, the rest are Cassidy unless it says differently.*


29. Chapter 28

"Ian?" I asked shocked. "Why are you here?" Surprisingly, my memory of Ian never faded. "You never cared about me anyway." 

"How can I not care about you if I took you along with me to move to the UK? What did you think, that you were just a piece of luggage?"

"Basically, yes. You basically threw me to the side when we got here. Did you even realize I wasn't home for over two weeks?" Ian's face turned red. 

"I've been out." He shrugged. 

Zayn looked Ian up and down. "What's in your sock?" Zayn asked pointing to Ian's ankle.

"What?" Ian asked surprised. He looked down at his ankle. "I'm not sure, why don't you check it out?" Zayn slowly walked over to Ian and crouched to his knees. He started to roll down his sock right as Ian kicked him. Zayn fell backwards and jumped back up. 

"Who do you think you are?" Zayn yelled. He threw a punch and just barley missed Ian's face. A nurse came from the hallway and saw Ian ducking and Zayn breathing heavy.

"Woah woah. What's going on here?"The nurse asked loudly with a demanding tone. 

"I don't know!" I shrieked. "Ian just showed up out of nowhere and kicked Zayn backwards!"

"Who is Ian?" The nurse demanded.

Ian pointed at Zayn. "Him. He's Ian." Zayn's mouth fell open. 

"H-he's l-lying." Zayn stuttered out. "H-he's Ian." He was shocked Ian would do that to him. 

Ms. Holt? Who is Ian?" 

"Is it not obvious? Look at their eyes. Ian is completely drugged out and smells like liquor." I explained. 

The nurse went over to Ian and looked him in the eyes. "Sir, what is in your sock? I heard something about it earlier."

Ian refused to answer. 

"Sir, what is in your sock?" The nurse repeated. She gave a hand signal to a doctor that was standing by. 

"I'm not telling you." After several minutes of trying to get Ian to talk, a police man showed up through the doorway. The hand signal must of been a 'call the police' type thing.

"What's going on here?" The police mans badge read Officer Jones. He loosened the clip on his jeans that connected his handcuffs. 

"This man, Ian, won't talk. He is hiding something in his left sock, and when this man, Zayn, bent down to see what it was, Ian kicked him. Ian seems to be under the influence of something, and he has obviously been drinking."

"Lies." Ian huffed under his breath. "All lies!" He turned around and tried punching the police offer. Officer Jones whipped out the handcuffs and got his hands behind his back. 

"Now tell me. What is in your sock?" Officer Jones questioned.

"Nothing." Ian hissed.

"Let's go." Officer Jones pulled him out of the room and down the hall. Zayn finally turned around as the nurse left. Nobody realized I was crying the whole time. 

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