You Stole My Heart

No one understands Cassidy Holt, not even her parents. Well, considering they're dead. Her only friend is a boy by the name of Zayn. He is going through the exact same things as Cassidy. They begin to have feelings for each other, until it becomes too much to handle. Will Zayn and Cassidy reunite their friendship and start it all over again?

*Chapters 1-12 are switching POVs, the rest are Cassidy unless it says differently.*


23. Chapter 23

My happiness soon turned to fear again as as unknown number called me. I answered wondering who it could be at 3 in the morning.  

"Cassidy," A deep voice said. "Where the hell are you? Come inside, join the party!" He exclaimed behind loud club music. It was obviously Mike. 

"Mike. I don't want to come in." I said coldly. "Just leave me alone."

"No, Cassidy. I'm not going to leave you alone. You come in now or I'll hurt you." He yelled into the phone.

"You won't hurt me, Mike. You wouldn't hurt me. You don't have the guts to." I said, almost laughing. The truth was, I was so afraid he might actually do something.

"You know what? Watch me, bitch." He said angrily. He hung up.

"Oh my god." I sighed leaning up against the car. I looked over at the line of people again. Out of nowhere I saw a body push the big security guard out of the way. My heart sank.

"Get out of my way!" The voice screamed, punching the guard causing him to fall to the floor. The people backed away quickly, allowing me to see the person who punched the guard. Of course, it was Mike. He clenched his fists and slowly walked towards me.

"You will obey me." He said angrily, sweat dripping down his forehead. "You will do as I say," He punched me hard in the stomach causing me to fall against the trunk of the car. "You will go where I tell you too," He kicked me in the shin making me grab my leg and fall to the ground. "And most of all," A kick to my back as I lay on the cold concrete. "You will listen to me!" He screamed in my face, getting down on his knees to look at me at eye level. I closed my eyes, trying to stop the waterfalls escaping from my eyes. My head was on the ground, and I prayed to god he wouldn't hit me again. I curled myself into a ball and cowered in fear as he stood up again and brushed his hands off. He kicked me hard in the stomach and I shrieked in pain. "Understood?" He asked angrily. 

I didn't do anything except lay there as he waited for my response. I cried silently as he towered above me. He went to kick my chest but he missed and kicked my chin. My instant reaction was to put my hand over my now numb lip. I pulled my hand away and saw it covered in blood. I was too scared to talk, so I lay on the ground and cried, my hand on my lip. Mike walked away back to the club. Now that the guard was lying unconscious on the ground and the crowd of people were gone, he got into the club with easy access. I tried to slip my phone out of my pocket, every move I made made me wince. My phone wasn't in my pocket. I cautiously turned my head, trying to avoid the pain. I saw it lying on the ground, screen cracked. I slowly reached over and grabbed it. I tried seeing through the broken glass and found Zayn in my list. I called him.

"Zayn." I said quietly. "Where are.. you?" I winced when I spoke because of my lip.

"What did that douche do to you?" He asked angrily. "I'm around the corner from Oasis." He added.

"It's nothing." I lied. "He just cursed me out."

"It's more than that, Cassidy. I could tell. I'm here, wave so I can find you." He said. I saw a bus turning the corner. 

"I can't." I said quietly. 

"Why not?" He asked curiously.

"Because, well, I can't. He hurt me." It felt good to get it off my chest.

"No!" He yelled. "He hurt you again?!"

"Just please find me!" I raised my voice. "It hurts to talk." I said, rubbing my stomach.

"I'll try my best. Stay where you are, I love you!" 

"I love you too." I said, starting to get light headed. I dropped my phone and a few pieces of glass flew.

I saw Zayn come from out of the bus and look around. "Cassidy?" He yelled. "Are you around here?"

I tried to yell. "I'm here! Follow my voice!" I tried in my best yell. I let out a small cry as the pain in my stomach got worse.

I heard his footsteps running towards me, then I saw his knees as he fell to the ground. He collapsed in tears.

"I'm so sorry Cassidy!" He exclaimed. "I feel like this is all my fault." He looked at my crippled body. He rubbed his hands over my legs. I flinched at his touch. "I'm sorry." He said worriedly. 

"No.." I said, moaning at the pain. "It's not your fault." I tried getting up, but I fell back down. Zayn caught me in one arm. He put his other arm by my legs and gently picked me up. "Ow!" I screeched as my stomach bent in his arms. He carried me down the street in his arms. 

"I'm getting you to the hospital no matter what it takes. You need this Cassidy." He lectured me. I tried getting out of his arms. 

"No, I don't." I said defensively. He held me tighter, making me cry a little more. I gave up and rested as he carried me down the dark sidewalk. 

"Yes, you do. I love you and I can't stand seeing you like this. The hospital's up ahead. Just hang in there beautiful." He kissed my forehead. 

"I'm not beautiful." I whispered. "I'm bruised, beat up, ugly, and easy. If Mike find's me he's going to kill me." 

"You're not ugly. You're beautiful and amazing, and even if you are bruised and beat up, I will still love you with all my heart and kiss each and every one of your bruises until they heal. I love you and your bruises." He laughed, which made me laugh. 

"I love you too." I smiled, closing my eyes and hoping I would get out of this nightmare soon.



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