You Stole My Heart

No one understands Cassidy Holt, not even her parents. Well, considering they're dead. Her only friend is a boy by the name of Zayn. He is going through the exact same things as Cassidy. They begin to have feelings for each other, until it becomes too much to handle. Will Zayn and Cassidy reunite their friendship and start it all over again?

*Chapters 1-12 are switching POVs, the rest are Cassidy unless it says differently.*


17. Chapter 17

I woke up earlier this morning, and I still have no idea why. I rolled on my side and looked at Zayn. He was still sound asleep. Something about him was so beautiful, the way he was breathing so softly and quietly, the way his sides moved up and down. Things that normal people do when they sleep, but something about him made it special. I carefully got off the bed and walked into the bathroom. I needed a shower badly since I didn't get one yesterday.

I undressed and threw my clothes on by the wall again. I turned on the hot water and stepped in. I left the door open a crack so the steam could let out. About five minutes into my shower, I heard a knock.

Zayn's POV

I woke up to the shower turning on. I slowly stood up and walked to the bathroom. Steam was leaking through the crack and Cassidy's clothes were by the wall. A thought creeped into my mind as I slipped my clothes off. She was singing softly, and she had a wonderful singing voice. I knocked.

She stopped singing. "Hello?" 

"It's Zayn." I said as I quietly walked in. I felt strange walking in with no clothes, and my thoughts filled my stomach with butterflies. I made my way to the shower and slowly pulled open the curtain. She covered herself.

"What are you doing?" She asked with a strange look on her face. I stepped into the shower, ignoring her question.

"I needed a shower too. And you know, my water bill is pretty high." I said with a smirk.

Cassidy's POV

Zayn was now in the shower with me. I wasn't as nervous seeing him naked as I was the first time. He had the perfect chiseled body. He inched closer to me. Something inside me couldn't resist as I walked closer to him. The hot water felt good on my back as he placed his hands on my body. He was pressed against me as he breathed hot breath on my neck. 

"What are you-" I started saying. I was cut off by his fingers reaching inside of me. A small moan escaped my lips. I tried pulling away, I wasn't going to let him take control.  But he placed his large hand on my back and pulled me closer. 

"Stay." He moaned. I stayed pressed against him, and each time his fingers moved I flinched a little. I could tell he was nervous too. The water poured onto us and his shiny black hair fell down so it was slick and straight against his head. When he pulled his fingers out I released a heavy sigh. I felt like I couldn't breath the entire time. We talked and acted as if nothing had even happened throughout the rest of the shower. I've never shared a shower with someone else before, so the whole experience was kind of strange. We laughed and joked, and Ii wanted him to stay in the shower with me forever. But eventually the cold water ran out, so we had to dry off. We both a grabbed a towel and walked into his room. 

"Oh my gosh, I have no clothes." I sighed. 

"That's fine." He smiled. He went over to his dresser and pulled out boxers, sweatpants, and an old shirt. "Will this do?" He smirked, holding them up. 

"Perfect." I smiled as I snatched them from his hands. I walked to the hallway and picked up my dirty clothes. I grabbed my bra. I turned and realized he was following me. 

"Care to join me?" I asked with a slight attitude. I started walking into the bathroom to get changed. He still followed.

"You don't like my room?" He asked laughing. 

"I don't know, I kinda like privacy." I said looking down.

"Well, you let me invade your privacy in the shower." He said, looking at me. Ii sighed and followed him into his room. I changed and started downstairs. He ran down the stairs and beat me to the kitchen. He opened the fridge door really quickly and pulled out the meal he was making. 

"Damn, it went bad." He said sadly.  "I really wanted you to try it." He sighed.

"What was it?" I asked curiously.

"I actually don't even know." He said as he tossed it in the garbage can. "I just wanted to see if I can cook." He said, shrugging his shoulders and laughing. 

I laughed and went into the living room. I sat on the couch and he came in and plopped next to me. I realized my phone was still on the coffee table next to the couch. 

"I haven't checked my phone in two days!" I said laughing. I picked it up and saw twelve unread messages, seven missed calls, and five voice messages. All from Marley.

Having a good time with pretty boy? XxMarleyxX

Did you enjoy making me mad and making me leave? And I thought you were my best friend. Your not even a real friend. XxMarleyxX

I don't even know why I'm bothering trying to get in touch with you. Your too busy with him anyway. XxMarleyxX

I started to cry as I read each and every harsh message Marley sent. 

"Everything okay, princess?" Zayn asked, caring. I handed him my phone and leaned on his shoulder. I held my head in my hands as I cried on him. He read through the messages. 

"I have an idea." He said, hugging me with his free hand. He held the phone in front of me and deleted Marley's number. 

"That won't help when she tries getting in touch with me." I sighed. He went through the old messages and found out how to block the number.

"But that will." He smiled. He got serious again. "I'm sorry she's so mean to you. And I'm sorry that I'm the reason you guys aren't friends any more." He still looked me straight in the eyes. 

"But you aren't the reason. Our friendship was bound to break any way. We had too many fights." I said sadly. "I still love her though, that's the problem."

He thought for a minute. "But who do you love more?" He asked with a smile.

"Oh God. Don't make me choose." I shook my head and laughed. He placed his palms on my cheeks and kissed me passionately for a long time. Our tongues twisted and turned, and it felt like he was choking me with his tongue. It was fine though, I probably did the same to him. 

"I hope that helps you decide." He smiled once our lips separated.


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