You Stole My Heart

No one understands Cassidy Holt, not even her parents. Well, considering they're dead. Her only friend is a boy by the name of Zayn. He is going through the exact same things as Cassidy. They begin to have feelings for each other, until it becomes too much to handle. Will Zayn and Cassidy reunite their friendship and start it all over again?

*Chapters 1-12 are switching POVs, the rest are Cassidy unless it says differently.*


13. Chapter 13

"Of course I will, Zayn." I said hugging him. "I was planning on asking you, but I wasn't sure if you felt the same way." I said blushing. 

"I kissed you, of course I feel the same way!" He replied sweetly. Our hands were still together. "I love you, you know that right?" He asked, sighing.

I hesitated. This was all so new to me. "Yeah." I said looking down again. My loose hair fell in front of my face and he immediately lifted my head and moved my hair. 

"Cass." He said, the smile draining from his face. "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing. I still have a headache." I lied, my headache went away a few minutes ago. He looked me straight in the eyes.

"Let's try this again." He said with a little laugh. "What's wrong? Will this make you tell me?" He kissed my forehead.

I stayed silent and smiled at him. I shook my head. "Maybe this?" He said, kissing my nose. I shook my head again.

"Nope." I responded, knowing where he was going. 

"How about this?" He said as he backed me up against the wall. His arms were stretched so his hands reached the wall near my neck. I closed my eyes, preparing myself for the worst. My mind went blank as he reeled his body closer to mine and kissed me passionately. His arms moved from the wall to my shoulders, then down to my waist. He spun my around and dropped me into one arm,  movie-style. "Now, do you love me?" 

I remained in that position for about five seconds, then pulled myself back up and kissed him with my arms around his shoulders. "More than you'll ever know, Zayn." I smiled and we kissed again. 

We left the kitchen hand in hand and sat down on the couch together. He threw his arm around me and I leaned in closer. 

"Hey, Cass? You know how you asked me before how I feel about you?" I nodded and looked at him. "Well, how do you feel about me?"

"To be honest, Zayn," I started. "I've never had a boyfriend before you." He hugged me tighter.

"I find that hard to believe." He smiled as he kissed my forehead. He closed his eyes and rested his head back.

"It's true." I answered. "That's why I wasn't so sure on how to answer your question before. But, I think you're an awesome person with an open heart. You would do anything for me, and we already saw that with Mike." His eyes shot open. "How is Mike, and Shaq, by the way?"

"Um, they're fine." He answered quickly. "Why do you ask?" I saw he was getting nervous, he was starting to sweat. 

"What are you hiding from me. Zayn?" I asked worriedly, wriggling out of his arm. I sat up and looked at him. "I thought you can tell me anything." I said shaking my head. I was starting to feel like I was being lied to.

"Well, Mike's kind of.. in Jail." He started out.

I agreed. "Suits him right. Especially after what he did to me. What about Shaq?" 

He seemed to think of something before he answered. He sighed. "That's not all. With Mike, I mean."

"Why, what happened?" I asked curiously. 

He bit his lip. "You know when you were in the shower? Well, I went out." He took out his phone and showed me a message.  "I went to see who it was, and it turned out to be Mike and Shaq. They brought knives and threatened to kill me." I hung onto his every word as he spoke the truth. "They chased after and started this huge scene, the cops showed up and arrested Mike." 

"And that's it?" I asked wondering. "'What about Shaq?" He winced. I could tell he didn't want me to bring him up.

"Shaq's.. well.. dead." My mouth hung open. 

"You didn't..." My mind immediately soared for the worst. 

"No! I would never." He quickly said. "He was shot. By a cop." He said sadly.

"I know it's the death of a 'friend'," I said, making my fingers into quotation marks when I got to friend, "But is that scum really worth mourning over? He wasn't a real person, Zayn. He was a womanizer, and they were both just using you." He nodded, and a tear formed in his eye. 

"I know, Cass. I know." He said slowly. He leaned on me and I rubbed his back.

"It will be alright." I said, comforting him like he did last night. He looked up and tried to smile. I knew what would make him feel better. "I love you, Zayn." He looked at me again and his eyes lit up. 

"Do you mean it?" He asked with a full smile this time, tears still falling from his eyes. 

"I love you more than you know." He sat up and hugged me. 

"I love you too, Cassidy." I've never felt so wanted in my whole life. I love Zayn.



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