Always Remember Me

This story is about a chapter in my life that is still going on.
This a love story.


3. The Number


"do you need help looking for the records?" he asked

"umm yeah thanks" I said smiling

We looked through the 'J' section and we found nothing.

"huh that's weird there supposed to be here" he said while staring at the shelf

H looked back at me and then took my and  lead me to a door.

"where are we going?" I asked while tilting my head

"I was going to take you to the back so we could look in there" he replied

I shrugged and kept walking with Brandon.

I jogged a little so I could catch up to him while I was walking next him he intertwined our fingers.

I looked down at our hand and then up to his face he was smiling.

I smiled back and kept walking we finally reached the back and he unlocked the door.

"wow" I said while looking at all the shelves filled with records and CD'S

He chuckled and lead me to one of the shelves.

"okay let's get started" he said while rubbing his hands together

We looked for about an hour until I found the record I wanted.

"is that all you needed?" he asked

"yep" I said while popping the 'p'

He Walked me back to the cash register and walked behind the counter.

"okay that'll be 50 cents" he said while smiling at me

"but the records are 2 dollars" I said while raising my eyebrow

"I know" he said while putting the record in the bag.

I smiled and rolled my eyes and grabbed the bag.

"I'll see you around" I said while waving and glancing over my shoulder

I got home and walked up to my room I opened took out the record and noticed a paper was taped to the record.

I took it off and saw the had given me his number.

We should go out some time ;)







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