Always Remember Me

This story is about a chapter in my life that is still going on.
This a love story.


2. The First Hello


I walked into the music store and headed over to the records.

I needed help looking for a new Jhonny Cash record. I saw a guy and went up to him to see if he could help me.

"hi umm I'm looking for Jhonny Cash could you help me?" I asked  

"oh yeah sure I'll show where they are" he replied

We walked all the way to the back of the store and there was a big shelf full of records all in A-Z order.

"Nobody is really over here their more into new stuff" he said

"ya know you have a good taste in music" he said smiling at me

"haha thanks" I replied

"I'm sorry I didn't get your name" he said while tilting his head to the side

"oh I'm Ryder" I said while sticking my hand out and smiling

"Nice name I'm Brandon" he said shaking my hand.






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