pokemon platinum: Sinnoh adventure

An adventure about to start in Sinnoh.
yay :3
comment if you want to be part :P


5. The first gym battle

I healed my pokemon one more time, and bought as many potions at I can. I even decided to go down back to the mine and get a machop to help as fire and electric will not do at all. I caught a machop and trained him up, and once again, went back to the Pokemon centre. I ran over to the gym and went the long way around to avoid trainers, although I could have used some training. Finally. I decided to talk to Roark.


I threw out chimchar, and told him to use ember, which obviously wasn't effective on geodude. Then he used fury swipes. Geodude attacked, using rock throw, almost knocking chimchar out. "Chimchar, return!" I then threw out machop's pokeball and told him to use karate chop, knocking out geodude.

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