pokemon platinum: Sinnoh adventure

An adventure about to start in Sinnoh.
yay :3
comment if you want to be part :P


4. The attack

I kept running to keep myself warm, and searching in the grass.

It felt weird running around in it as I was never allowed to run here, and so I searched around the area.

I suddenly heard some sort of gentle growl, so I suddenly turned around and saw a shinx. It startled me so I quickly sent out chimchar, but then I saw how cute it was. I found 3 pokeballs in my bag from Professor Rowan, so I caught the shinx in one go!

I then ran up the road I saw into Jubilife city, a big place full of tall buildings. I went into the pokemon centre and rested chimchar and shinx. I pulled out a town map and tried to remember the names of cities around Sinnoh, so my next stop was Oreburgh city. I had to cross a cave past route 203 and face the gym leader. It was going to be hard though as I have a fire and electric type which won't do much damage at all, and yet Barry's going to find it easy with piplup.

I collected my pokemon and headed off to the next route, and I didn't see Barry, so he's run off already. I bought some repels, but I still had to challenge trainers and restore my pokemon's health with various potions. When I finally got there, I ran to a pokemon centre, and then went off the the gym. Barry was waiting by the door. "Uh, as always you're being slow, and so slow that the gym leader's gone back to mining, but I defeated him, it was too easy!"

I just ran off down to the mine, but seeing as I ran out of repels, I had to face stupid zubats and various geodudes, until I found some workers who wanted to battle.

I found the gym leader, who then told me to battle with him later.

I went back to the pokemon centre, and got ready for a big battle. 

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