pokemon platinum: Sinnoh adventure

An adventure about to start in Sinnoh.
yay :3
comment if you want to be part :P


6. New challenger

The battle was getting tougher, as machop and shinx were getting low on health.

after 10 minutes of healing and continuing,l finally got in one last hit, and Roark's last pokemon fainted.

I returned machop and gave a sigh of relief.


I walked out looking at my amazing new shining gym badge, yet I still had 7 more badges to get. I obviously had to heal up in the centre so I went. I looked up afterwards and saw a path leading out of the city through the cave, and followed it. In the cave, I heard a pokemon cry and saw something shining. It was a shiny pikachu!

Obviously, you couldn't get pikachu or pichu here, and also a shiny was really rare to get.

I went up to the pikachu and saw a shadow of the trainer, who walked up to me.

She challenged me to a battle.

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