pokemon platinum: Sinnoh adventure

An adventure about to start in Sinnoh.
yay :3
comment if you want to be part :P


7. Electrifying battle in the cave

I dared myself to say yes to the battle request and threw out my chimchar.

He was now level 13 and shinx was level 10.

"Chimchar, use ember!" The dark cave had been lit up by the colours of orange and red and chimchar let out his small but fierce flames onto the opponent's female pikachu. Pikachu took the hit, I could tell that she wasn't giving up though. She looked back at her trainer, who shouted "Pikachu, use Thunder shock!" Her voice echoed loud and clear and pikachu leapt with incredible speed, using up a lot of power she had stored. I saw the power  and knew chimchar was in trouble unless I did something. I remembered that I had taught chimchar dig. Chimchar, use dig now!" Chimchar started attacking the ground's surface and dug a few meters down. 

Pikachu was a second too late and let go of the thunder shock. As the power of electricity hit a rock, Chimchar dug his way up and hit pikachu. It was super effective and pikachu was slammed against the rocks of the cave. Pikachu took a lot of damage and fainted. I was heated up by the battle and so was the other trainer I could tell. I saw her return pikachu into the pokeball and she looked to me "Well done..." Before I could say anything she ran out of the cave to heal up pikachu. I didn't know the girl or the pikachu, but shinx was trying to tell me something...

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