The Reason I Can Sleep at Night

18 year old Carter has been through a lot in the last month. When she finally is able to go back to school she goes through a lot of different things that she thought she would go through before, meets people she could only dream about.


16. Protector

**************Jade’s POV**************

              The tardy bell rings and I rush myself into English. I feel a couple different eyes on me. I look over at Niall, which reassures me, then over at Ethan who is absorbed in his phone.

              ‘Sigh’ I think to myself, ‘Why did he break up with me?’ Just then a ball of paper hits me in the back of my head and I turn around to see a cheeky-smiling Niall with two thumbs up.

              I un-crumple the paper and read it.

‘Hey beautiful! Be happy! Don’t let him get to you! J

              I blush as Mr. Cash says, “Excuse me miss Jade, but there is no note-passing in my class.” He takes the paper from my hands, reads it, clears his throat, and then gives it back. “Just don’t pass anymore notes, okay?” He whispers to me. I sigh again and slouch down in my chair.


              After class Niall catches my eye, he’s talking to Ethan. I see Ethan hold both of his hands up in defense. He’s saying something but I can’t hear what he’s saying.

              Niall pulls up on Ethan’s shirt and Ethan cowers back. I’m so tempted to go over there and ask what’s going on but I really want to see where this is going. “I’m sorry!” Ethan wails. “You better be!” Niall says and releases Ethan’s shirt and turns toward me.

              I quickly turn around and walk in the opposite direction. He doesn’t need to know that I was eavesdropping, kind of.


              By the time Niall finally caught up with me he had a big smile on his face. “How’s my lovely lady?” He asks sweetly. I was still a little tense about the whole thing that happened between him and Ethan. “Fine.” I answer sheepishly, trying to avoid eye contact.

              He reached for my hand put I pulled away quickly. I know what he did was meant to protect me, but I wasn’t sure what he did before that. How he was before he met me. What he did to other people.


              I mean, I know that before he met me he had gone to an all boys’ school but I never will know unless I ask.


              “Niall,” I say quietly, “What were you doing earlier?” I look back up at him, waiting for him to reply. He looks down at me with a silly smile on his face, “I was getting my textbook.”


              “Liar!” I yell, pushing him from my side, “You were yelling at Ethan and telling him he should be sorry!”


              “I was doing that for your protection.” He whispers looking around to make sure that no one heard me yelling. The halls were empty due to the fact that the tardy bell had just rung. “Are you serious?!” I start walking slowly towards him, “I can protect myself and plus, I don’t need your protection, you aren’t my boyfriend.” I push him away from me, forcibly, with my palm. He stumbles back into some lockers and I turn away from him.


              I know I’m going to cry but I didn’t want to do it here. I rush to my small car that is actually my parents.


              Fumbling through my glove compartment, I finally find my phone. I scroll through my contacts to try to find someone, anyone, that I could talk to.


              Eventually I find Eleanor’s number. I press call.

              After about three rings she picks up. “Hello?” A sweet voice answers.

              “Eleanor? Can I go over to your house? I need to talk to you.” I cry desperately.

              “Yeah, yes of course.” She says. I can hear her fumbling through some things. “Come when-ever.” I hang up and take a deep breath. ‘This isn’t going to be easy.’ I tell myself.




Sorry for not updating i have been so busy and have had a hard time writing this story. i am going to try and post some other stories. please read them if i get them up.

P.S sorry if i spell things wrong. :)   


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