The Reason I Can Sleep at Night

18 year old Carter has been through a lot in the last month. When she finally is able to go back to school she goes through a lot of different things that she thought she would go through before, meets people she could only dream about.


18. No School

I put the keys into the ignition and hear my phone make a noise. I pull it out quickly hoping it was Niall. I frown when I see that it’s only Carter.


Carter: WHERE R U!!!!


Me: Eleanor’s place


Carter: y?!?


Me: tell u later


Carter: get your bum to school NOW


Me: fine


****Time Change****

When I pull up to the school its almost lunch time which means I missed 3 classes. Maybe I should forget about school and go shopping or something, I don’t really want to go by myself. I pull out my phone.


Me: Hey instead of going to school how bout we both go shopping?


Carter: I dont know?


Me: please you can bring Zayn.


Carter: fine we will b right out!


              Great now I don’t have to see Niall or Ethan for the rest of the day, not that I don’t want to see Niall it’s just that now I know he must not like me back.  :(


Im working on the next chapter but i am kind of stuck. I wrote this chapter its not very good but i didnt really know what to do with it. i'll try to update soon but i dont usually get the chance. 



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