The Reason I Can Sleep at Night

18 year old Carter has been through a lot in the last month. When she finally is able to go back to school she goes through a lot of different things that she thought she would go through before, meets people she could only dream about.


14. McDonalds


****************Jade’s POV****************


              I take a seat in between Niall and Roman. “So Romano, do you have a girlfriend?” I tease. I don’t know why, but I like him, not like like him. I like him because he seems nice and stuff. “Actually I do. Her name is Sabrina.” He says proudly, “She’s really nice! I bet you’ll like her!”

              “So Jade,” Niall starts, “You got a boyfriend?”

              “Actually I just got out of a relationship last night.” I say, trying to break eye contact.

              “Well he’s a jerk so don’t worry about him.” Niall smiles.

              Changing the subject I say, “What time is it?” “Five thirty.” Roman says, looking at his broken phone with a few bite marks in it. “Is that a bite mark?!” I question. “Uh.” He nervously chuckles, “Yeah.” I roll my eyes and turn forward.

              “I have a question.” Carter says, “Why do we start school so early again?”

              “Because the school board wants to torture us for as long as possible.” I laugh, “School goes from eight thirty to three fifteen. And then you and I have a thing that I signed us up for. I paid it for you too so you are going.”

              “Why do we have to go so early?” She groans, “School starts at eight thirty.”

              “We were going to McDonalds for a McBreakfast” Zayn jokes, “Unless you don’t want to-“ “WE ARE GOING TO MATTER WHAT!” Niall and I say in unison. We look at each other and we both blush.


              “I would like a Mocha Frappe and a Yogurt Parfait.” I say. “Is that all you’re eating?” Niall asks me. “Well yeah. I don’t eat much for breakfast.” I explain. “Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Niall says putting his hand up, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You need to eat more anyway.” Niall says poking my belly button.

              “I’ll have two pancakes, some coffee, and two fruits.” He says looking at me with a smile.

              I sit down with Niall, Niall is sitting across from Zayn, and he’s sitting with Carter. I have no idea where Roman went, though.

              Niall sets a plate of pancakes, a bowl of fruit, the Parfait that I ordered earlier, along with my Mocha Frappe in front of me. I look at wondering what I should eat first. “Are you going to eat?” Niall asks me. “Yeah.” I laugh, “I’m just trying to figure out what to eat first.” “You should eat the healthy stuff first because if you get full after you eat the pancakes and stuff you wouldn’t of have eaten anything healthy.” He explains.

              I take the plastic top off of the bowl of fruit and start eating it. When I finish that I go to the Parfait and also-at the same time-open the pancakes. I finish both of them and start drinking my Frappe. In about thirty minutes I finish eating all of it.

              “Sorry for Jade,” Carter starts, “She eats a lot.” “It’s alright.” Niall smiles and puts his arm around me. I’m a little taken-back by this gesture. Though, after a few moments I put my head on his shoulder. Carter has the stupidest smile on her face and I begin to blush. ‘God! Why does he have to do this to me?!’ I think to myself. “Because he likes you.” Zayn says. I look up and see him looking at me. “Did I just say that out-loud?” I ask. “Yeah.”  Niall says.

              ‘At least I thought I thought that.’


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