The Reason I Can Sleep at Night

18 year old Carter has been through a lot in the last month. When she finally is able to go back to school she goes through a lot of different things that she thought she would go through before, meets people she could only dream about.


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********** Jade’s P.O.V **********


              ‘Who’s that boy?’ I ask myself, ‘He must be the new kid in Carter’s class that she’s been talking about constantly today.’


              She says that he has spiky black hair and warm brown eyes. She gets so mushy when it comes to guys. While there’s me, in a loving committed relationship with my boyfriend, Ethan.

I decided to text him. (Shh! I’m in class)


Me: Hi Ethan baby


Ethan: Heyy babe


Me: What class are you I right now?


Ethan: Spanish


Me: I’m in algebra


Ethan: God I hate that class!


Me: it’s my favorite class EVA!


Ethan: I know. STOP BEING CRAZY!!!!



Ethan: I guess


              We stop texting because my teacher, Mr. McKay, caught me using it.

              “Put that away before I have to take it away from you.” He says sternly. If it had been anybody else he would have taken it away. I’m his favorite student because I love this class.

              To be honest, I’m quite a nerd. I have big boxy glasses. I wear suspenders when my mother doesn’t force me to wear nice clothes, like today.

              Right now I’m wearing a blue shirt with a humongous flower and some white skinny jeans. The jeans I don’t mind because that’s what I usually wear with my suspenders. Although, I don’t always tuck my shirt in. I only do that when I’m wearing my red-striped shirt.


              Carter also doesn’t like it she always teases me for the way I dress. It doesn’t bother me much anymore because I know she’s just joking.

              “See ya Jade!” She says rushing herself out the door.

              “Carter, do you want to come with me and Ethan on a double date with you and that boy you like so much?” I ask

              “What?! NO! I can barely talk to him! Let alone ask him out!” Just as she says that I see Ethan sneak up behind her.


              “WHAT THE HECK?!”

              “Sorry! But Jade is right you two should start dating and stuff.  You know, whatever couples do when their dating.”

              “Excuse me?” I exclaim

              “Sorry.  I was joking.” He puts his hands up.

              “Ethan.” Carter says calmly, “How do you know about me and Zayn?”

              “ZAYN FROM ONE DIRECTION?!?!” I yell

              “SH!” Carter pulls me closer to her, “Be quiet! I don’t want people being mean to me because I like him.”

              “Does that mean I’ll get to meet Niall?!” I squeal.

              I’ve always loved Niall. Not as much as Ethan, of course. But I still want to kiss him and stuff. But lets just keep that between us, okay? Kay!




              “Zayn! Guess what?!” I exclaim

              “Who are you?”

              “I’m Carter’s friend Jade.”

              “Oh.” He blushes, “What do you want?”

              “She likes you.” I giggle


“Yeah. Meet me and Ethan at the diner tonight a 5 o’ clock?”

“Where is the diner?”

“Just a couple blocks down from here.”

“Great. I’ll meet you there.”




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