The Reason I Can Sleep at Night

18 year old Carter has been through a lot in the last month. When she finally is able to go back to school she goes through a lot of different things that she thought she would go through before, meets people she could only dream about.


10. Kiss


************Zayn’s P.O.V************

 I thought of Carter and about how fun this night had. I had been trying not to look at her the whole movie because I knew of all the wondering eyes that were directed on her and I, but now I just couldn’t help it I hadn’t been able to take my eyes off her all night. I looked down at her and saw that her eyes were closed and she was cuddled up next to me. She looked so peaceful like there was nothing out there that could hurt her at that very moment, and the truth was that I would never let anyone try.

              I looked over at Louis and Eleanor, Louis had his arm around her and she was cuddled up next to him. I then looked over to Yasmen and Ethan expecting to see them coddled up together also but my surprise they both sat almost separated from one another. They weren’t even holding hands. ‘WTF!!!???’  I thought to myself. Come to think of it the most affection they had displayed to one another was holding hands. I shook my head trying to change my train of thought around but when I did so Carter lifted her head up. She just looked at me for a little while with a little shock in her eyes. She leaned over to me,


“Did I fall asleep?” she whispered into my ear. “Yup.” I whisper back.

 “Sorry for waking you.” I apologize.

“It’s okay”

I pull my arm around her and turn my head to try and watch the very end of movie but before I know it my eyes are back on her. We are so close now that I could kiss her. I am kind of tempted to truthfully but I am not quite sure if it is such a good idea. I turn my head and try again to watch the movie but feel Carter’s eyes on me so I turn my head once more and look into her eyes. Even with the faint bit of light there is I can still see her big blue eyes.  She moves her head a little closer and I do as well. We are now so close our noises are touching. I can’t keep the erg in any longer. I gently put my lips onto hers. As we sit there still kissing the lights pop on and I now know that everyone must be watching us but I didn’t care. We sat there for a minute longer, my lips placed on hers but sadly we couldn’t stay there forever. She pulled away and I opened my eyes and saw what I had most feared. Not only were Louis, Eleanor, Yamane, and Ethan staring but the rest of the people in the move theater were staring as well. I looked at the crowed and then saw a face I wish was only a part of my imagination. There a couple rows behind us with her phone out most likely taking a picture of me a n Carter kissing was Victoria. Not only would the whole school know about this but most likely everyone else in the whole world. I stood up and grabbed Carter’s hand to helped her up. I led her out of the theater along with everyone else.

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