Falling In Love. (A Niall Horan Love Story)

Emma was your ordinary girl. She did all the normal girl stuff. Well, until one day during the summer when she was working at a little cafe`. There she will meet the blonde haired, blue eyed Irish cupcake named Niall Horan. Will they fall in love or will good things come to an end? Read to find out!


1. What a beautiful day.







    Hello, my name is Emma. I moved to Mullingar, Ireland with my parents at the beginning of the summer. As soon as we settled in, I went out to look for a summer job. I found mine at a little Cafe' in a small town not far from home. I've been working here ever since.

I pulled my honey blonde hair up into a high ponytail and look at my reflection in my full-length mirror. I'm pleased with what I see and I walk out of my bedroom in my dark skinny jeans, “Free Hugs” shirt and brown UGG boots.

 "Bye, Mom,"I said to my mother as I was about to leave our new home, “love you"

"Bye, sweetie,"She smiled as I passed our dining room,Have a great day.”


I hop into my car and drive off to work. When I get there I'm the first one there as usual.

My co-worker, Amelia doesn't get here until later. I go into the back and I grab the pastries, which needed to be put into the display. Halfway through I hear the employ entrance open and Amelia walks in.

"Good Morning, Amelia," I say to my co-worker, with a warm full and kind smile across my face.

"UGH, how are you so hyper this early in the morning?!" she asked me when I was running around trying to get everything into place before the store opens.

"I guess it just comes naturally to me," I say to her after I am finally done with the food.

"Whatever. I'm going to put the open sign up and put my stuff up," she says, walking to the big white door in the front of the store. After she was done, I answer her with an: 


Then she heads off to the back, to do whatever. As I'm looking over at my work, the pastries, I hear the bell on the front entrance ding. A hooded figure with aviators comes walking in and heads over to the counter where I am and smiles.

"Good Morning what can I get you," I say, trying not to blush at his good looks.

"Morning, I'd like to have a tall mocha frappe, muffin, biscuit, and a slice of pumpkin spice bread." the guy says, looking into my eyes. He had really cute blue eyes that reminded me of the sea.This guy could eat a lot.The question is; where does it go? He is so skinny and fit.

"A lot of food for one guy, don’t you think?" I asked him and he just smiled at me."Coming right up….what’s your name, sir?" I ask for more than one reason if you know what I mean.


*Niall's P.O.V.*

I was walking around  my home town ( I have a few weeks off because  our tour just got done with, so I got the first ticket  I could find and went home) I started to get hungry. So I went to this little cafe Shoppe that my mate told me about.

I  pull my hood up because I didn't want to get mobbed by fans.

I walked in and walked towards the counter, where a girl with honey blonde hair, hazel eyes, freckles, no make-up, and is wearing dark skinny jeans, brown UGG boots, and a “Free Hugs,” shirt (Like mine that I love so much and if I could say so myself; she looked so cute in that shirt.)

"Good Morning, what can I get you?" said the pretty girl behind the counter.

"Morning, I'd like to get a tall mocha frappe, muffin, biscuit, and a slice of pumpkin slice bread." I say to her with a smile.

"A lot of food for one guy, don’t you think?” She asked me and I just smiled at the small but very cute girl. She’s got a good senses of humor, my kind of girl.

“Coming right up….what’s your name, sir?"  She asks me. I think for a second. Should I tell her? Or should I lie? I pick to tell the honest truth.Hoping that she isn't going to finger -girl over me.

“It’s Niall. What’s your name, Dolin?” I ask her.

“It’s Emma. Nice name by the way.” 

“Thank you, love,” I say to her as she hands me my stuff.

“You’re welcome,” She says to me with a kind smile.

As I walked out of the Shoppe, I saw a white piece of paper hanging from my food bag.

I took it and saw this:

Call me if you ever want to talk, by the way you’re very cute.

*Phone number*





Hey guys,

 Do you guys like the story so far? Also, If you want to be in this imagine, please comment your name and what you look like. Bye my lovelies!

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