Ice Queen


1. Ice Queen

Not melted by fire,
Only toughened by it
Her ice is her shield
Her sharp words tipped with frost
No one knows
That the ice is but frozen tears

She does not lack warmth
Only hides it
When the long winter night comes
She seals it away
In a lifeless cave.

No one can see her warmth
Only the shield of ice
Who can understand her
When she doesn’t understand herself?


The ice is a mask
Hiding her true self

But this mask is finely crafted

Until people think it is her identity


She can try to hide her ice with some people

Laugh, and pretend to be free

But her mask is a prison as much as it is protection


And when she can feel the scald of the flames

She retreats into her castle


Her home doesn’t feel like a home

No one knows

She doesn’t know when she can be free

No one understands


Cutting sarcasm
Poker face
Voice of icicles

Feels no pain


Or does she…..


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