A Journey

The journey of life is long. Tips and thoughts about the journey are in this Movella. If there is a certain topic that you would like to talk about, please just post it in the comments.


5. Suicidal

Well, recently I've been hearing about numerous suicide cases and it's making me greatly upset. I mean how easy is it to give up something as valuable as life itself; and I'm not trying to put down people or under estimate the hard things people go through to reach suicide but come on. I'm truly honest when I say that I'd really be more than happy to talk to anyone who's having issues with their life because one of the best feelings you can ever experience is when you help someone. Everything will get better. You know what? Even if it doesn't let's just make the best of what we have because you only get this life once and THAT'S IT! Don't waste it because someone called you fat or because someone doesn't love you like they should. YOU DON'T NEED PEOPLE TO MAKE YOU HAPPY! Everyone can just be contempt with books and music and self love. That's truly all you need. Maybe food too. Yeah food of course. But seriously I don't want anyone to ever hesitate about talking to someone about their issues. I actually recommend talking about it to someone you don't know because that's when you'll really be able to spill. Just take everything easier. Think is that thing that's bothering you is worth to end that beautiful gift God has given you. Please.

Also. I have been there. I swear I've been to that place where everything just doesn't make sense and you feel like why am I even here? There's no place in this universe for me. But no. There is. Actually this universe needs you. Desperately too. So give it a second thought. Don't do something you'll regret.

*this was meant to be better but I must go to bed*

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