A Journey

The journey of life is long. Tips and thoughts about the journey are in this Movella. If there is a certain topic that you would like to talk about, please just post it in the comments.


2. Are we wrong?

Are we wrong? Everybody makes mistakes, I mean we're human aren't we? There's no perfect if you ask me. We all have our good and bad. You are not to be judged because that is the way God created you. You didn't chose your name, your parents, who you are, the way you look, your lifestyle or anything else you were born with. You didn't have a choice, so you can't be blamed for what you had nothing to do with. Though, you must never forget that if you're missing something, you always have another. Everything is divided between all human beings equally but in different ways. Look for your qualities inside you. You will always find a thing in you better than in others; and that's what makes us all different and special.

"So don't tell me you can't forgive me cause Nobody's Perfect" Jessie J-Nobody's Perfect. It reminds us you should forgive but don't forget. I believe trust is like a paper, once it's crumbled it can't be straight again.

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