A Journey

The journey of life is long. Tips and thoughts about the journey are in this Movella. If there is a certain topic that you would like to talk about, please just post it in the comments.


1. What???!

What do you think about having a good life?

Do you think money makes life a pleasure?

Do you believe it's love? Maybe fame?

I could go on forever this way. How do you know you're happy? I guess you know when you don't care if it's fair or not, when you aren't afraid to give. You know you're happy when you want to stay awake all the time because real life is just better than your dreams. Some say that doesn't exist, you're dreams come from your imagination which is unstoppable. Though it's not that way, it's in the way that you aren't in need of that imagination any more or at least not as much.

Sometimes we just let things happen because it's destiny and it's meant to be. Everything is planned for each and every person in each and every minute and second.  You can't change your fate, this needs a miracle. When you do things just because, know that it's meant to be.

"Sometimes it's raising your voice, sometimes it's making some noise, sometimes it's proving to the world it was wrong. Whenever you can't see the light, whenever there's no one inside, keep on keep on moving on," this is from Lemonade Mouth's Breakthrough. Those words are inspirational. They just explain identity in an amazing way. It's great how some words can make your heart feel different. It's just how we humans are. Things so small can be the trigger to so many other big things. One thing can be like the straw that broke the camel's back. You just need to be careful.

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