Why Am I Alone?

Sookie Prince is all alone...
Read her story.


2. My New Friend

I found a park bench and ate my baked goods quietly, all alone.


"Why you alone?" A small boy, about three, asked me.


"I've no parents," I said sourly, "Now go to your mother she's probably worried about you. Shoo!"


"Why don't you have parents? You have no mummy or duddy?"


"My mom died and my father was a ba-mean to me."


"Why was he mean? You seem like a nice little girl."


I'm little? I'm four years older than him!


"Just...go get your parents, kid."


His eyes teared up. "I...I don't have any. That's why I came to you. I'm lonely, too."


I felt kind of bad for him. I handed him some cookie dough ice cream and a spoon.


"Take it," I told him, "I don't need it." Maybe this little boy was destined to be my friend. Maybe that's why God sent him to me.


He wiped his tears with his sleeve. "I'm Blaine, by the way. I'm from Kentucky."


"I'm Sookie," I revealed my horrible name, "From Austria."


"Austria? You sure don't sound like it," he sat next to me, "More like Australian. Sydney, even."


We sat in awkward silence for a moment.


"Sookie," Blaine said, "you're very beautiful. Do you know that?" His head was on my lap, his eyelids were drooping down.


I smiled. "You're a cute little boy, Blaine. Now, let's go to bed."

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