Why Am I Alone?

Sookie Prince is all alone...
Read her story.


1. My Life

I put on my cheetah print toms while the police was inspecting my house. I grabbed my cheer leading bag. I jumped out of my window and ran.


I finally found an alley next to a bakery which was at least ten streets away from my dad. I breathed heavily. I had ran pretty fast, for a seven year old, at least.


I went inside of the "JERSEY BAKERY." I had taken everything out of my bank account and my father's. So let's see. I had $1,000,000,000 in mine that I took, my dad had $5,000,000,000 that I took...so, I have $6,000,000,000 in all. (Don't worry, my dad still has a million bucks left).


The aroma of the bakery filled my nostrils. I hadn't ate in two weeks; I was starving!


"Hello, welcome to Joesey Bakory, how may I help you, young lady?" A woman behind the desk said.


"I would like one of everything, please. Oh, and do you have a box that doesn't get cold easily? If you do, can you put the goods in there, please, madame?"


"I soor can!" She tapped in the price of the items.


"Yoor total will be one dousand dolloes, please."


I took out my purse that was in my bag and handing the money to her.


"The extra hundred is for your excellent service."


She smiled.

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