Why Am I Alone?

Sookie Prince is all alone...
Read her story.


4. My Game of Play Pretend

He coughed. It was actually real.


"Hello." Dr. Finn said to Blaine.


"He-he-hello, Doctor."


"Please," Dr. Finn said, "call me Dr. Finn." Blaine nodded.

"Okay Dr. Finn. I'm si-ick. Help me?"


"Sure, but first, what's your name?"


"Brinley Prescott. My sister is Sandra. We're from Chicago. Parents are dead." Blaine answered weakly.


The doctor nodded. "Alright, so I'll just give 'Sandra' here some medicines for you," Dr. Finn turned to me, "Three tablets a day. No more, no less. Got it?" Obediently, I nodded.

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