will it last

this is about a girl named crystal who is the cozen of Luis tomilson and is in love with harry form her cozens band named one direction. its my first movella soo no hates plezzzz!!!!!


8. what the fuck do we do

Harry  P.O.V. 

"harry your going to be a dad" 

i couldn't stop smiling i grabbed crystals face and pulled her in for a passinet kiss i couldnt stop. just thinking that we were going to have a kid turned me on to a point where there is no tearning back. she s mine and that was that she was mine and im allreaddy ingaged to her and...... ijust cant now all i want to do is make passionet love too her right now its unbeleaveibull. 

"mr. styles plese save that for when you get home."


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