will it last

this is about a girl named crystal who is the cozen of Luis tomilson and is in love with harry form her cozens band named one direction. its my first movella soo no hates plezzzz!!!!!


3. the next day

Last night was the best I woke up by a kiss from Harry. I got up and put on some jeans and a tank top, but I was still cold so Harry gave me his sweatshirt and said "there there love, like I told you last night I'll always protect you." I smiled and went down to brectfast Louie made pandcakes Niall and Haley we're making out and Harry was holding my hand and Lou, Zayn, and Leam just sat there watching us. Leam and Zayn are going to have there girlfriends come over we're goin to the movies Lou is staying home to sleep he don't want to come to a movie were he is going to have to watch his friends make out. 

Lou brought up last night between Harry and me. He said "sounded like fun last night gies. What game were you playing? Maby you can tech me?" 

The first thing I heard from Harry was "we played a game that's to mature for you to understand. It's for big boys and girls!" 

We both laugh and I fell off my chair and land on my ass then every one laughs even me. I got a call from Zayn's girlfriend, Alaina, about the movie tonight. She got the tickets and times of the movie. We're going to see the vow. I can't wait. Omg Analice just got here she is soo much fun I love hanging with her. She's Leam's girlfriend and she's here to hang with him and maybe go shopping with me for a new outfit but probably not cuz me and Harry wanna hang out with every one or attest I wanna hang with every one. Harry wants to go to Victoria Secret. But I always win.

Hours past and a lot of fun happened. But now were in the car on the way to the movie. Every buddy is coming... well except Loui hed didn't want to go alone. I'm going with Harry, Alaina with Zayn, Analice with Leam, and Haley with Niall. So, this should be fun but I'm not feeling good my stumuc hurts but I don't want to worry Harry so I'm putting on a smile and pretending that every thing is ok. Maybe I'll get some popcorn and that will settle my stumuc. 

Were finial hear Harry went rite to the concession stand and got a large popcorn and one large pineapple,mango smoothy with two straws. Harry remembered every thing I liked from last summer. I had my hands around my stumuc and was trying not to cry. I didn't see him walk over, and the look on his face seeing me hurt. He put his hand on my shoulder and said " Love wats wrong, can I help, what can I do." I smiled and told him "I'm fine babe, don't worry." 

"I have to, your my girl I can't have you being all depressed or hurt. Just tell me, is it my fault" 

"no it's not your fault" 

"ok then let's go, come on the movies starting." we walked in to the movie theater and sat in the back. He fed me a popcorn and I giggled and took a sip of the smoothy. The movie is so romantic. I had to go to the bath room, and so did Harry. We both got up and went to the bath room. When I came out of the girls room he was waiting there. He smiled and took my hand. On our way back in the theater two girls came out. They were about 15 years old. They took one look at Harry and screamed. I hate this cuz I forget that Harry is famous and I think of him as my boyfriend who I love and cherish. So, being a girl knowing that girl code says that if a girl has a boy friend you can't steal him because they just can't. So I pulled Harry close to me and smiled and he smiled and knew just what I wanted. He leaned in and kissed me. The girls just said omg your soo cute together and got a picture of me, Harry, and them. I'm happy that the fallow girl code. 

"Now can we go watch the rest to the movie?" Harry said.



"Yah babe lets go in" I smiled at him and he kissed my forehead.      an soo sory about not updating love u all <3 (sid r u happy lol)   
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