will it last

this is about a girl named crystal who is the cozen of Luis tomilson and is in love with harry form her cozens band named one direction. its my first movella soo no hates plezzzz!!!!!


6. the hospital

  We all walked in and le lady told us to sit and relax it expected to be nervous. So Harry kissed my neck and grabbed my hand and held on to it the hole time. Lou said to me "I can't emagin that my little 'sister' was going to be having a kid"  I felt so disappointed with my self and grabbed his hand even tighter.    "It's ok babe we will do this together and love it ok? I want my girl to know I'm never going to leave her. Okay now think positive." I nodded and the doctor came in and asked that only the father be in the room do to the privacy.  i fought the doctor cuz i needed Lou just as much as i needed Harry.  The doctor finely gave in to my argument.    and left the room to get the jelly stuff they use for an altrua sound. and harry gave me a quick kiss and Lou took my hand that wasn't intertwined with Harry's.   Lou's P.O.V.   sitting in the doctors office with my baby cuzen who was like one of my little sister for her to get a test to see if she was pregnet, with the baby of my best friend was heart breaking. i didnt want her to be pregnet. Not because i dont like babies its because of the tore and the interveues. Also what are Harry's fans going to say...... The things they say are heard on people i mean thoes people can be really bitichy. i dont want that for her or him..    what if she has to take care of tha baby all by her self i mean Harry is going to be soo bissy......  All theas things were rushing to my head when they were suddenly interupted by the doctors voice. "good news! Harry' your going to ba a dad!"   
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