will it last

this is about a girl named crystal who is the cozen of Luis tomilson and is in love with harry form her cozens band named one direction. its my first movella soo no hates plezzzz!!!!!


2. on the way home/ at the house

In the car all the boys were there Niall sat next to Haley, and she was blushing I think their cute together. Harry was looking at me and I was looking at him I think he likes me maybe even loves me. I'm a girl I'm just thinking things but who really knows. 

When we got home Harry took me to his room and said he wanted to talk to me about something. So I went with him. His room had a huge bed in it and he said " Crystal I got a bigger bed." 

I trend around and saw him looking at the ground so I said " why would u need one." 

He looked up and said "I want you to shar it with me" 

I ran over to him and gave him a kiss and asked "does this mean we're dating?" 

He said "absolutely" and kissed me evean more passionetly than the first time. We eventually made it over to the bed when Lou came in with my bags and said "it's gritting hot in here!" and both Harry and I pulled away. We went down stairs to find the Haley and Niall were missing so I went to Niall's room and there they were watching a movie. I think that's better than her and Lou. 

" Loui can I have something to drink?" I asked.

"yah me to Lou" I heard Harry say.

" I can emagin what having a make out session for like an hour does to a person" Lou teased and brought us water. 

We started watching a scary movie so I cuddled with Harry and he said "I'll always keep you safe I love you" 

Omg he said he loves me quick say something I thought " love you to" I whispered in his ear. Then he kissed me.

Zayn looked at us and said "get a room you two people are trying to watch a movie" 

Leam said "they already did last summer. Don't you remember Zayn? We herd those noises coming from Crystal's room. 

Harry and I just got up and went to our room and went straight to the bed where we left off. No talking just our two bodies combining as one.

First kissing, passonet kissing nothing could be any better at that point. Our lips touching, locked together, him between my legs shirtless holding me tightly. I started taking of his and my pants and he stopped and looked at me and I just stopped and started zipping my pants and looked down. He looked at me and stared removing my pants and kissing me. I knew then that he wasn't stopping me cuz he didn't want to he wanted to make shore that I wanted to. I continued to kiss him when suddenly he pushed my legs apart and I rapped my legs around his hips and my hands on the bed as he pushed him shelf in side of me. As he was trusting and making me so hot only wanting more he was kissing me saying "if you want me to stope tell me I love you and I don't want to hurt you." I kissed him back and didn't say any thing but "I love you babe."



(sorry for the short chapters)

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