will it last

this is about a girl named crystal who is the cozen of Luis tomilson and is in love with harry form her cozens band named one direction. its my first movella soo no hates plezzzz!!!!!


1. omg soo existed

My name is crystal Tomlinson and I know what your thinking omg it Louis Tomlinson's sister. Well no...... I'm his cozen. I'm 16 years old. And I am the biggest directioner you will ever know. There's only one thing that's really strange and makes me uncomfortable, it's when I see pictures of my cuzen as the backgrounds on my friends phones. I'm not talking about just like him on stage or with the other boys... They have pictures of him shirtless. My background on my phone is me with all the boys at my house. 

My mom just past and I'm being forced to live with Lou and the rest of the boys cuz my dad is in jail. So, I'm in the plain with my best friend Haley who was living with us and we are on our way to London where Lou is going to pick us up. I can't wait to see Harry but my friend is freaking about Lou she 18 so technically she could date him but if they brake up how can we be friends or live with each other. 

Bzzzz bzzzzzz, I got a txt. Omg it was Harry!!!!!! Ohh he's coming with Lou and can't wait to see me. I thought of last summer when we first met and got to know each other... I fell for him and still am falling. Last summer had a lot of flirting going on.... In the pool, at the house...... We even hocked up a cupped times. But then he had to go on tore and we never D.T.R.ed. So, I don't know but I wish he was mine all mine. I told my friend this and we both squealed.

Finally we were there I get off the plain and both me and my friend stand on the bench. Looking for Lou and Harry, the goof ball that made me laugh every day, and knows just what makes me happy. After 5 minuet of standing I see that curly brown hair and those perfect eyes that melt my sole and make me smile. And right next to him Lou the mental 5 year old is right there he looked like he was really in to my friend but I kinda didn't care I was bissy watching Harry walk to me like an angel. When he finely got there he just looked at me and said "get down here and kiss me I need you Iv mists you" 

I just smiled and said "make me" in a teasing way.

He said " fine I will" and pulled me off the bench and kissed me.

Lou cleared he thought and said " you gies can finish this in the car but let's get Crystal and Haley out of here" 

Harry and I just stoped and looked at Lou and Haley holdings hands staring at us. Harry saw cameras flashing and knew that we had to go Lou and Haley walked out casual and Harry and I went out holding hands smelling. Tones of pictures taken of us. We were even asked if we were dating and Harry looked at me and smiled and told the reporters " well what do u think" and winked and got in the limo but first he gave me another kiss for the pictures, and let me sit on his lap and drove away



(sorry for spelling arrears) 

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