will it last

this is about a girl named crystal who is the cozen of Luis tomilson and is in love with harry form her cozens band named one direction. its my first movella soo no hates plezzzz!!!!!


4. omg..... just omg


Harry's P.O.V   We walked in to the movie theater and I couldn't stop thinking something's rong from when we first got here and I just want her to be ok... She said it wasn't my falt and I didn't want to push her cuz I know she'll tell me when she's ready.  In the middle of the movie she started crying and trying to make everything better I raped my arms around her and had her sit on my lap and kissed her neck. That calmed he down a little but I felt awful what if it was what happened last night be tween me and her what if she was-..   "Harry?" I heard her say    "What's ronge gorgues"    "I don't feel good and want to go home and just cuddle with u"   "If that's what u want.... Your wish is my command" I told her trying to hear that giggle that makes me week in the knees.    "K I'll get my bag" she sad as a tear fell from her face and I took her hand and went to tell Leam so he's not freakin out when the lights go on and where not there.     I gave crystal a piggyback ride to the taxi and the hole five minuets in the car I just heald her hand. We walked in to find Loui sitting on the coutch and as soon as he saw his cuzen crying he walked straight to me and said "What the fuck did u do to her, shes like my sister. I toled you not to hir-...    "Lou stop he did nothin I'm not mad at him, he didn't hirt me I just feel sick to my stumic"  she snapped at Loui.    "Ohh god... Crystal are having cravings?" Lou asked    "Yah but what does that have to do with any thing?"    I knew where Lou was going with this...... Cravings, sick to her stumic emotional, jealous.... Of those girls at the theater..... "Shit I forgot... How could I forget..... Fuck me I'm sorry babe."    "What did u forget" crystal asked with a curious face.    "Protection.... Last night I'm soo sorry pleas for give me."    "Wate r u guies saying u think I'm pregnet... No I can't be it's imposibul"    "Cris I know this is akward but when r u sopost to get u pereouid?" Lou asked.   "Wats todays date"   "The 18th"    "Today" I went in to shock.   "I'm soo sorry Pleez forgive me" I just repeated that over and over entell crystal came up to me whispered in my ear "babe it's not just you falt that we were living in the moment and forgot protection....... If I had to do this with someone I'm glad it's with you the man I love"     "I love you too" I told her as she pulled me in for a kiss. Loui broke the kiss by saying "I booked a docter appointment for tomarrow at 10:30.   
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