Brutal Love

Jack Cunningham is handsome, charming, funny - and utterly brutal. No matter how many times he says he can't be loved, no matter how many times he messes up, Eleanor is determined to stick by him, without even thinking of what the disastrous consequences may be.
This might be a love story - but it isn't a fairy tale.


1. *Author's Note*

Before I start this Movella I would like you to know that I have written it like a proper book, which means long chapters. I will try and shorten them where possible but other wise they might take a while to read. Please just let me know if you are finding it difficult to read or if you would like the chapters shortening.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy it because it has taken me a year and a half to write this story and I am still working on the ending. If you want to like, comment or even favourite then I would really appriciate it but even just reading the story will make my really happy.

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