Beneath The Willows.

The lyrical poem about the woman who waited for her young lover to come home... And ended up waiting a lifetime. This, like my other poem O Wand'ring Knight of Dunderdown, was originally going to be used in a book. It may still be! (:

Enjoy, and thank you for reading. Comments and critique are very welcome.


1. Beneath The Willows.

Beneath the willows he told her goodbye,
Off to war with his brothers.

Beneath the willows she wept and she cried,
For the loss of her lover.

Beneath the willows those tears did she dry,
For she knew she must be strong.

Beneath the willows she’d wait and she’d sigh,
As her life went slowly on.

Beneath the willows her dreams were denied,
For he never made it home.

Beneath the willows she lived and she died,
But she never gave up hope.

Comments and critique is totally welcome. :)
~ Thanks for reading!

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