Bite Me

I was NORMAL and about to move on to the next part of my life little did I know that just ONE, One Direction concert would change all my plans I really have nothing to leave behind no family, they died, so why not spent forever with you?

Hi, My Name Is Harry Styles.

I Am A Vampire, I Am Not The Only One. There Are Five More.

This Is Our Story.

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6. Won't They

Louis' POV

A week later

School was as easy as I thought it would be and almost everyone respected our privacy since we're a world loved boy band I thought it would be worse than what happend there were only a few people that wanted a picture or a hug maybe the teachers had something to do with it by any means I thank them. It was great we got to know Autumn really well she was like Harry just a little drawn back and real sweet Melissa and her should be really good friends and everyone else.

It was a bit after school and we all hung out at Autumn's home it was a little after school her house was cute kinda girly with a lot of photos of her and friends some and of her and her twin and older brother but it was nice we sat in the living room and talked while she ate. "so", I started "how about a movie?" everyone looked over and nodded "okay, what do ya got. Autumn?" she stood up plate in hand and walked over to a large speaker unit and opened it inside was a lot of movies DVD and VHS some really old some really new Autumn swallowed the bit of food she had and said "pick one" I laughed as everyone scanned over all titles. We chose, braking dawn. Zayn picked it, I have no idea why to make fun of it for being so wrong whatever the case we watched it.

The movie was It and it was late "psst that movie sucked so not what would happen" Zayn scoffed making everyone laugh "you picked it" I laughed Zayn didn't think it was funny "well I thought it would be better than that" he grabbed his coat and threw it on when Melissa hugged him "so Harry you coming" I asked and Melissa answered "nope he's staying and there's no worry" Harry looked at us and shrugged "ok see ya" I said as we all left.

Harry's POV

I was left with her alone again it was nice just us nobody else "so what are you eating, my little human" I joked partly it's been a week and we knew each other very well and finally started dating but only just two days ago. Autumn walked over and sat on my lap "I'm eating hash browns and seasoned chicken" she took another bite, yuck human food was like dirt to us we only drank blood I was nervous because her neck was kinda of in my face and I hadn't eaten all week because we don't need to each day like humans it's better that way anyway.

"Autumn, your to cute" I tried to get her to talk to keep my mind off of her intense smell "Awh your not to bad yourself" she turned and kissed me this was bad and a crime but I can't bite her yet so I took the plate and set it down and pushed closer to her gripping her to my side making her moan. "Harry" she whimpered into the kiss it sent a jolt up my body it was nice I wanted more "Autumn" I moaned as I stood up taking her to the sofa I layed her on it and hovered over her she was beautiful and at that moment I forgot the rules and contiued to kiss her harder and sweetly my lust clouded my thoughts.

I had too.

Autumns POV

I thought about this and trying to stop him but whatever I did I couldn't he was to strong and everytime I pushed away he howled and I stopped it was like he owned me and I had no say.

I didn't mind.

I wanted him to kiss me to force me to listen which he was and make me feel like I had no control "Autumn" he hushed to me darkly I didn't want to open my eyes but I did and didn't like what I seen; His eyes were a dark red I felt like they were seeing through me like they were controlling me. I felt his tongue grazing the bottom of my lip he nipped a bit when I didn't open I was afraid he would do worse so I opened and felt his tongue dart inside it was warm and soft so I let all my worries go and let my tongue play with his I felt around and grazed his teeth and cut my tongue not badly though I still felt him suck on it and make needy noises.

So I gave him what he wanted I gripped onto his neck and rested my hands in his curls holding my body to his one of his arms gripped my side hard it was painful but I didn't care I wanted him and he wanted me and since I can't stop him I'll let him.

Harry's POV

God how I wanted her she was so beautiful and her skin was so soft why not she's letting me?

No your forcing her.

She hasn't lost all her will power she could stop me but does she want too?

No. So I won't either.

I gripped her with my one hand putting the other on the sofa to hold me up from crushing her with my body "this needs to go" I hushed throwing off her white v-neck some where as well as mine I think she expected something like this because she was wearing a very lacy black bra which I rised an eyebrow at "I guess you did want me" I laughed lightly Autumn shifted a bit under my hold, I don't think this was a time to tease. I continued my attack on her body kissing and sucking on her skin turning it a harsh outstanding purple breaking lots of blood vessels I had to stop myself so many times from biting the soft flesh if I was going to brake the law I should be gentle about it, right?

Autumn moaned I think little annoyed I could tell I rised my head to look at her and she looked back "Harry stop it my skin, everyone will see" I laughed darkly at her words "I want people to see your mine now and no one can have you" I said even though I followed her request if I touched her neck anymore I would surly bite it. I snaked my hand in between us and undid her jeans and lossened my belt.

They won't be to mad will they?
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