Bite Me

I was NORMAL and about to move on to the next part of my life little did I know that just ONE, One Direction concert would change all my plans I really have nothing to leave behind no family, they died, so why not spent forever with you?

Hi, My Name Is Harry Styles.

I Am A Vampire, I Am Not The Only One. There Are Five More.

This Is Our Story.

join Us?


1. We'll See

*****My name is Harry Styles I have a terrible secret. I'm a vampire. I'm not the only one. So are the guys in our band.*****

"Louis!" I screamed at the top of my lungs Getting a little annoyed at him, we were in Dallas.

Now being a creature of the night and all, with it always being sunny, it sucked, but don't get me wrong we're not the bullcrap twilight or can't go out in the sun kind of vampire were just like normal people.

Aside from the fact we drink blood and have fangs, oh! Not to mention the super human powers and the one special unique to our person ability, but I'll tell you about that later.

"what, Harry, what" Louis trotted toward me with a bit of blood on his chin, his eyes a little close scarlet red.

His teeth and bared fangs had a gross yellow and an outline red from all the blood taken before, it made my throat go dry I didn't eat yet and I felt like I was going to pass out or go on a frenzy.

Now don't take this wrong we don't eat people we eat animals our manager, Simon said it would be better this way, theres no suprise hes a 'blood sucker' too. I can only imagine that he was the reason that hurtful name is used even today.

"sorry Lou, where's Zayn" Louis nodded and made a face like he was pretending to think it made me laugh, always happy Lou

"hes with his chosen" by the way a 'chosen' is the other half of you like the other part of your heart without them there's no you.

It's like I guess to help you understand it's like the wolf imprint in twilight its really just like that you want to be their everything. Friend, brother a shoulder yes exactly like the twilight thing, stupid I know it's just how it works. Something just clicks inside you and it feels right so you would do anything for that person, to get them, protect them.


I nodded

"thanks Lou" I shifted pasted him smelling the thick blood come off his frame, wow

"no problem mate" he waved off I heard him leave, gotta love the super speed we have, helps everything.

I walked down the manner, shut up I get the cliche. Vampires, manner. Ha ha ha no.

"Hey Zayn" I called walking up to his black door and rapped it a couple times

"yes, Harry?" I heard a giggle must be Melissa his chosen she was tall brown eyed, smart, sensible and kind everything Zayn loved not to say about her gifted body I would never say that aloud.

The 'gifts' I spoke of earlier was the reason.

Zayn was gifted with super strength. Melissa was able to see the future. I heard some shuffling and Zayn opened the door in nothing but boxers. Vampire sex was amazing sadly I've never had sex as one, sucks. His hair was messy he had kiss marks all over his face and his neck held some purple love bites and an actual bite, yea we do that too. Shut up.

"What" he snapped showing me his large fangs and blood lust red covered eyes, I smiled at the sight

"sorry Zayn I just wanted to know what time we needed to leave for the concert?" I watched his eyes fall back into their normal none defensive red in truth they were a sweet brown but when we bared our fangs they turn to a hard deep red

"oh uh in 40 minutes" he looked back in the room

"that's why I'm trying to get this done" his voice in a low hiss making me smirk

"sorry alright, see you soon then" I smiled and left to my room just waiting out my time.

-------One hour later.--------

We all walked off the stage it was a really good concert so far Everything was fine we took questions and it was great we went back stage and met some of the people. When she walked in she was tall silked skinned her hair was long and silky brown just as her eyes

"hello I'm Autumn" she blushed hard it was easy to see on her skin truly beautiful.

This girl was a very sickly pale, nu such a beautiful pale. Like a white chocolate. She spoke softly to all the boys she was the first that never screamed at us, nerves I could guess, she looked to be very fragile like a flower, not loud but calm, I thanked heaven for that, with super hearing it hurt to listen to the screams. It was unbearable when it was two inches from your face.I could tell she was walking to me, the last on the line her light bubble gum heels clicked on the tile and her knee high dress that hugged her body swayed with her movement

"hi I'm Autumn" she held out her hand I smiled at her looking straight into her eyes taking her hand I felt really weird I got flashes of things I couldn't understand as fell to my knees what's happening to me?

"Oh my god, Harry" Zayn screamed I couldn't hear though it was a failed wishper in my ear, like a train a kile away.

I was blacking out, crap.

****Zayn's POV****

'Shit, shit, shit' I almost screamed out.

I fell to Harry's side as did this girl and the boys so did Melissa we all knew what happend, he finally imprinted on someone, you see Harry was the youngest of us by maybe a hundred years or more I met Melissa a long time ago and I remember when I imprinted on her she was part of a vampire I at the time was young and playful, very unlike the person I am now but her personality grew with me. To explain, if you have a connection with them and it was very rare to imprint on a human wasn't impossible but it was odd.

"What happend?" Autumn screamed thinking it was her fault it kind of was but in a good way, if that makes sense, she didnt know he imprinted so she must be panicking worse then she lets on, I mean I would to if I made one fifth of One Direction faint for no reason.

I had to lie "no he wasn't feeling well before its okay" I totally lied to her face I felt bad she's human though it can't work this way.

"I still feel bad" she began to sob lightly.

Oh hell with it Simon can't be that mad after all it was an imprint after that's done you can't really go back, well unless one of them dies we needed Harry and it was wrong to kill her I should make it like they never met. Which was still a very bad idea.

"It's alright, dear" I sounded so old fashion well I was eight hundred years old anyway. "Don't worry, can we have a second" I told her.

I got up leaving my band mate and friend in her trusted hands, the truth of the matter I was scared to death to leave him there with her I was inly moving out of ear shot but gulit churned in my now upset stomach I took the boys and walked over away from her some could deside weather or not to kill the poor girl, Harry wasn't ready to care for another person at his age he was still learning how to look after himself, unfair as it was I knew if it came down to a vote, I knew what mine would be.

"What are we going to do"

I hushed into them Niall looked over my shoulder to see them as did I she was holding his head in her lap I smiled at that but went back to it I couldn't let the sweet scene cloud my judgment, he's not ready!

"Let them work it out, it's his chosen"

Niall shrugged he was right even though I really didn't want him to be Harry was still very young, what if she got pregnant? What then? Harry your youngest vampire would have to take care of a family making sure no harm would befall them, that he just couldn't do.

"Well okay let's see where it goes."

I agreed anyway, there was no way in hell I'd be the bad guy.

We'll see I guess.
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