Bite Me

I was NORMAL and about to move on to the next part of my life little did I know that just ONE, One Direction concert would change all my plans I really have nothing to leave behind no family, they died, so why not spent forever with you?

Hi, My Name Is Harry Styles.

I Am A Vampire, I Am Not The Only One. There Are Five More.

This Is Our Story.

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****Harry's POV****

I felt soft hands stroke through my hair as I stirred I knew what happend I just didn't think it would ever happen to me we studied this for a long time and talked about it enough so each of us knew how to deal with it but I guess I was still young and wasn't prepared I can still remember the time I became a vampire. It was terrible.

"Father, father" I yelled running my bare feet across the sand it was my eighteenth birthday and the year was 1864 when the world was new and pure, untouched and calm

"yes son" he yelled poking his head from behind my birthday present my new horse 'Wishful' she was a beautiful mare, black as the dirt she stood on

"may I ride her, father, may I" I begged as he chuckled "all right, all right. Find better clothes"

I shook my head and ran into the house claiming the few stair to retrieve what little riding gear I had one I found it I threw on a simple red riding jacket and pants along with my other present from my uncle, my mother said she'd gave me when I turned this age but she didn't live to see the day, she was very sick and passed when I was still young.

I shook off the thought and ran outside like a child and seen Wishful ready to be ridden and my father holding her I looked at him and seen myself as well as my mother I had her eyes but mostly a body built strong like him

"well my son go off just remember to find the house again" he laughed

"yes sir" I hopped on her and left.

The wind felt wonderful on my skin I met the wonderful scent of roses that hit my face I musthae wandered into a rose garden it was beautiful it was owned by the Tomlinson family they were very rich and owned at least six manners I shouldn't be here

"my, my who do we have here" I heard behind me

"I'm so sorry" I turned to see the eldest of the family's children Louis

"my Lord Louis, I am truly sorry" he laughed as I bowed my head

"hush my good man it's alright, what's your name"

I looked at him his long pony tail flowed in the wind it was straight and silky unlike my unkept curly one everything about him was perfect his horse no spot on him a true male breeder, I could tell he was in heat I was a little wary about that seeing as how Wishful was female but shook it off

"Harold its a pleasure Louis" he smiled rising his hand to his perfet held back hair and running over the top of it.

He nodded "nice to meet you, Harold" I smiled it fell when his horse bucked a bit he didn't seem aware but I was.

****Louis' POV****

Harold seemed to be a carefree person thank god I never liked all the annoying people I had to deal with

"Harold why don't we sit and have téa huh?"

Harold nodded and I hopped down off my black beauty 'Soulless' as did he with his my horse bucked again I wondered what was wrong until he went widly iut of control and Harold was stuck by one of his hoofs and knock under I paincked and pushed my horse a least half way across the yard as Harold's ran off I rushed to his side he was still breathing but dying I had to do something.

My family was a long line of pure blooded vampires and so the though struck me, quicken my pace I widen my mouth so my fang could grow and sunk them deeply into his neck.

****Harry's POV****

Thats why Louis and I have been together for along time now he was the one who turned me, all of us have our stories but I like mine the best. I deside to open my eyes and I seen the beauty I imprinted on, her eyes were such a sweet brown. her face had a dusted pretty pink and she hair was straight amost reaching low enough to tickle my cheeks I felt whole, now I really do have the other side of my heart she is human though I have to take it slow somehow

"hi sleepyhead" she smiled I smiled back like I was being pulled toward it by her

"hi" I mumbled lifting my hand to my head which was pounding

"what happend" I asked her I knew the others were there but I didn't care she smiled again

"you fainted" she simply put I slowly nodded

"where are we going?" I felt her hands in my hair rubbing my temples it helped the pain in my head it was almost gone was this the power of imprinting? It was nice.

"your home the boys said you have a doctor and wanted me to come along" I felt her shift her legs a bit uncomfertablely.

I would think so anyway I mean first ping to your idols concert and only expecting a hello then havin one of them faint and then being forced to tag along, yeah I would think she'd be a bit uncommferable. Wait the house, oh I hate them.

I said take it slow not this.
She can't. Not yet.
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