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I was NORMAL and about to move on to the next part of my life little did I know that just ONE, One Direction concert would change all my plans I really have nothing to leave behind no family, they died, so why not spent forever with you?

Hi, My Name Is Harry Styles.

I Am A Vampire, I Am Not The Only One. There Are Five More.

This Is Our Story.

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12. Maybe I Can

Autumn's POV

Harry and I waited for Melissa and Zayn I got to know him and I avoided many of his questions I didn't want to tell him my past it was a darker one no one should have to listen to it I shouldn't have to tell right?
Never the less he asked many things about it anyway

"Autumn, come on I told you everything about myself your avoiding my questions" he told me trying to laugh I could tell he was faking it I can only imagine he was purely annoyed by my secret keeping 

must I?

I shook my head "later" I said Harry shook his head at me "no, now"


I felt my will and pride go down a bit being forced to listen sucks, "alright, just don't talk no matter how bad you want to, understand"


 I forcefully told him not joking what so ever his nooded to me clinching his Jaw I didn't want to say but I had too.

I sighed and looked away a bit


"from the beginning than, when I was little about three I could remember everything, detail person, word. Everything"


I started trying to hold Back the tears, "my mum died giving birth to my brother and I then my dad, he couldn't take it so he killed himself". I paused watching he didn't talk I was glad for that.

Harry rose his hand and swiped away tears I didn't know I shed and let me continue


"my older brother, Dominic was about five at the time and we were three.  Even for his age he somehow got us to an orphanage and we spent our entire life there until Dominic turned sixteen then we all left. I don't wanna talk about the time I spent there so I'm leaving it at that"


Harry nodded to me letting me speak again.


"then we lived in lots of different places here, there everywhere and it wasn't fun. Then he left us that very same year and was still sixteen we were only fourteen and I seen everything I won't say what happend it's to wrong to explain".


I lied to him before about the crash Dominic was in. I started to cry even harder and he just sat and listened to me holding me in the back of the car as I went on.

I felt him kiss me on the forehead and it felt a little better


"then Jaykob left me two weeks later in a car crash, and I knew it was on purpose why would anyone want to kill him I still don't know. I've have been alone ever since. Everytime I think about it I cry. Every nightmare I have is about them, and it won't stop"


I screamed onto his chest remembering every moment I had with them good or bad I can see their faces, Jaykob looks like a male me; short hair, bright, happy, free eyes I miss them. Sweet bushy dark eyebrows matching his dark brown hair I remember flicking my fingers through, always so soft I wonder if he kept it that way for me?

He was always a little taller than me, but I didn't care just more to love and his voice. Oh his voice it was rash with others because he always wanted to protect me he was the older the me out of the two of us and always defending me I loved him for that and the fact when we were alone his voice was so sweet. 


Dominic, my Dominic I loved him with everything I had and he did me I can remember him just like I remember Jaykob everything about him was prefect he was strong, visually strong he worked out a lot he looked like us to, aside from our mothers brown eyes. He looked so much like mum he was fair skinned taller then Jaykob and I the same brown hair as us and bushy eyebrows like Jaykob. It's so hard to talk about them, I miss them.

"shhh" Harry cooed "its alright, love you don't have to talk about them anymore".

It still didn't stop me from thinking about them.



Harry's POV



I can understand why she lied before she didn't want to really remember what happend that's why she told me different all I could do was what was told; just sit, listen and make no noise I wanted nothing but to do that for her.
Was all I could.
Maybe not.

I took my phone out and started to text Louis:

'hey, help me with her brothers. Can't say anymore tell you later xx' 

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