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I was NORMAL and about to move on to the next part of my life little did I know that just ONE, One Direction concert would change all my plans I really have nothing to leave behind no family, they died, so why not spent forever with you?

Hi, My Name Is Harry Styles.

I Am A Vampire, I Am Not The Only One. There Are Five More.

This Is Our Story.

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11. Love you, Boo

Autumn's POV

My eyes fluttered open only to be harshly jolted closed again by the light I hissed aloud knowing Louis and Harry were there and probably worried about my awaking never the less I let it trail through my throat my tongue clicked against my new set of teeth they were sharp like I thought they'd be and I was right




I heard could maybe be Harry I couldn't tell anymore my ears were so refined I could hear everything a least thirty times better then before I could smell think blood mine I could but the other was foreign and intoxicating really sweet couldn't be Louis I knew he was there but it didn't feel like him maybe it was my imprint instincts coming in Liam told me all about those.  
He said he didn't want to sound old world and cliché but it did, Liam told me that since I was human the effects of imprinting on me would change my views on things like if Harry wanted something or didn't like something I did he would say something or like before when this all began in their car when I wanted to shake Melissa's hand and he growled and I stopped and listened like he controlled me I don't even know why I listened something just told me too.
So  the only opinion matter was the mans just like in the earlier years of the world it was back to the basics for me but Liam Di's I didn't totally lose my freedom I still had will power and didn't have to listen it just only felt right too.



This time I knew it was Harry I mumbled a 'what' making him laugh was it ever that silky and soft?


"open your eyes see what you look like, sweet cheeks" he hummed to me his voice was so smooth; was it always like that?


Geez I guess I missed a lot with my human ears. I finally opened my eyes-my god Harry was beautiful was he always? His eyes were so green when I was human they looked so grey his face looked liked smooth cream his hair looked like fine woven chocolate


"Harry it hurts" I whined it made him laugh did it always sound so sweet

"I know it does, it'll get better" he told me somehow I knew he was lying I got up anyway.

I rose from the bed that was covered in my blood I'm sure if anyone else beside us would have wondered if their had been at least three murders in here. Harry helped me gain my balance when my feet decided that they didn't want to hold me up even though I felt as light as a feather


"here, take a look at yourself" he lead me to the large bathroom in front of the mirror.

I gasped at the sight if Harry wasn't holding me I surly would have fallen I looked so different my eyes weren't the sweet green I remembered they were the harsh red they wore so well my face looked new and all the bruises were gone every cut, gasp and rip in my skin were gone


"go on open your mouth see your new set"


I did as told and opened my mouth just like Harry I had long colorless fangs, beautiful.

"wow" I gasped tightening my hold on Harry making him gasp and huff

"what wrong?!" I worried making Louis laugh

"your a newborn your hurting him" Liam told me that any newborn would be slightly stronger then an older vampire

 "oh, Harry I'm so sorry"


 I let go making him laugh when we heard the door open and Melissa Zayn, Niall and Liam popped in


"wow, Autumn" Melissa laughed voicing toward me forcing Zayn to come along


They all look different and absolutely beautiful I don't feel like I belong quite yet but I have an eternity to decide Melissa squeaked and bounced around me


"Zayn we should take her out to the park like I did to you remember how much that helped you adjust" she smiled


I looked over at Zayn he was different to everything was refined to a point it was lovely to see everything for real Zayn was was wearing some simple grey tee and faded skinne jeans like everyone else just normal day to day clothes and then there was me I was in a short blue dress and matching high heels I didn't mind it I like it but I felt out of place


"yeah great idea, I remember how easy it was after that, Autumn what do you say?" he smiled at me "I say why not".

Melissa's POV


The park looked just as it twenty years ago Zayn was already a vampire when I met him but just like humans we get to the ponit of maturing if you will where our sences higher to a point this happens five time on our life each ponit we become stronger and strongeri haven't reached my first yet everyone but Autumn and I have except Louis he's reached his second thats why he's stronger then all of us and most I myself was told there were in five points but I believe there are more just look a the elders there's something their not telling us.

It was nice his hand in mine and everything was perfect Harry and Autumn were laughing and fooling around, gently though she still had it adjust to things. I like the faceted I wouldn't be the only girl anymore the boys are great don't get me wrong but I'm happy to have someone to talk to about girl problems not that Zayn wouldn't sit and listen to it he and I could tell each other anything, anything.

Sometimes words weren't even needed we just knew-well actually we can, don't tell anyone though. We can read each others mind- only if we let them though, thank god for that. Well any vampire with a chosen can I, bet Harry's telling Autumn about it right now. It's not all that hard to explain really, what happens is when you find a chosen your now connected to that person in every way and when you wanna talk in private you send a 'message' if you will saying you want to hear their thoughts it's like anything really.

M: Talking on the phone, being alone just like that but no one but you can hear that's what's makes it special even if your far apart it's like a brain wave, understand?
Z: We even have a name for it, mind speak. Creative no?
M: I hope so I don't like going into details.

Zayn and I were walking using mind speak like always it was easier than talking and risk people hearing us, I felt his hand tighten has he look at me 'what' I thought to him making him shake his head 'I don't know I feel like something's coming' he told me I didn't understand what he meant until a heavy rain soaked us in a matter of seconds


"couldn't give a better warning?" I laughed at his panicked expression

"My hair!" he yelled


Letting go of my hand and rising his arms to cover over his already soaked hair making me laugh until Harry and Autumn trotted passed us yelling at us to meet them back at the car.

Zayn was going to follow before I stopped him


"let's stay for a second" I told him


He gave me a look before he nodded and stepped toward me letting his arms fall, he looked great his hair looked really nice down even though he never like it like that I don't even know why.

Never the less I hug him not even knowing why I just did I felt him hug back soon relishing he was swaying me side to side I smirked up at him "really, slow dancing in the rain. To old even for you gramps" I laughed and he smiled "well you know boo that's how I hooked you, being old and such" it was true I loved how old fashion he was, curse him.

"kiss me?" I asked


I didn't even have time to do anything his lips were on mine so fast. I felt the rain on his lips it was sweet and soft everything it should be I didn't like when we parted.

"I love you, Boo" he told me making me smile.

"I love you more."


(Hey peeps! Sorry for not editing -updating- for soo long.  I am gonna try to do it more often. See yah ;>)

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