Bite Me

I was NORMAL and about to move on to the next part of my life little did I know that just ONE, One Direction concert would change all my plans I really have nothing to leave behind no family, they died, so why not spent forever with you?

Hi, My Name Is Harry Styles.

I Am A Vampire, I Am Not The Only One. There Are Five More.

This Is Our Story.

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18. Love Her

Autumn's POV


The mall was easy to navigate through aside from the many girls yelling WMYB and some less kind things, is it wrong to smile at the fact they'll be dead at some point and I'll be with Harry forever, not at all.I seen so many cameras and flashes I never thought I would be on the other side of them I bet Harry's keeping tabs on me with them after all it is Auz the fans down here can be a bit 'overwhelming' if you can say that I could come up with worse.In any case it wasn't so bad.Melissa and I walked into the next store; Victoria secret, yes you heard me right.Melissa wanted to get some new things and I wanted to get something's for me and for Harry,If you understand my meaning?We walked around a little inside and peered at the many coloured bras and panties when a few fans came up to us that were there we signed a few things they had and spoke to them even a few photos thank god the camera men weren't aloud in the store because well its for ladies and the odd poor man that got stuck with them I also was glad they couldn't see in either I wanted to get some pretty little things for Harry and really didn't want them to put it all over the news.


"Melissa, I'll be over here" I said pointing to the nighties and pajamas

"okay, i'm going to try these on"


She lifted up a few colourful bras I nodded and left her two it gazing at many of the gowns I found one I liked it was pink, light pink. Well you can't call it a night gown really it was a bra attached to silk that was see through like it was something out of Austin Powers, if that makes sense?it didn't even cover past my waist I think Harry would like it so I found the matching panties and took it with me Melissa and I bought a lot from there something's for me and some for Harry and I took a guess that Melissa did to, for Zayn I mean anyway.We went to three other stores and in one found my twin so now he was our bag carrier it was easy for him he was a vampire so don't feel bad, this was due to happen to him anyway.


"Why did you have to find me?" Jakob moaned shifting some of the bags

"oh hush, Jake your ten times stronger then before so don't bitch."


Melissa laughed I was glad they were getting along.


"Yeah, Jakey relax"


I giggled when he scoffed. A little time pasted and then the cameras flocked us again I could tell Jakob was a bit nervous he was like Niall in that sense; afraid of crowds. "Hey it's okay." I told him I watched him nod I knew he was scared so I did the only thing I could do; take his hand like I always did.


Harry's POV


I knew this was good for Melissa she needed the time and so did Zayn it kind of sucked not to have Autumn here but I got to read all about her on the Internet I found it really funny that she 'found a new love'.Just to clear it up it was Jakob, so I wasn't mad when I seen the article.'my, my Autumn, Harry's love interest found a new boo?!She was seen with another man who could he be? What does Harry have to say?Is it over between the two lovebirds?Wait up Harry lovers he might be free!'I laughed at that because she can't date her brother, I hope not anyway ha! Imprinting is something you can never brake. If only humans knew that.I walked into our manners kitchen and grabbed an apple when my phone went off I grabbed it out of my back pocket and unlocked it only to find a picture of Autumn in a cute pink skimpy number that barely covered her midsection it was fuzzy and short, I almost didn't notice the caption.'here this can hold you over till I get back ;)'So I sent,'yeah as long as it comes with kitty ears and I get to see it for real when you get back ;) 'I smile at what what she sent than.'okay, tiger ;D'This is why I love her.

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