Bite Me

I was NORMAL and about to move on to the next part of my life little did I know that just ONE, One Direction concert would change all my plans I really have nothing to leave behind no family, they died, so why not spent forever with you?

Hi, My Name Is Harry Styles.

I Am A Vampire, I Am Not The Only One. There Are Five More.

This Is Our Story.

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4. Long Night

Autumn's POV

I can't believe their real I can't believe all the stories my grandfather told me were real my mother and father always told him to stop telling them before they died when I was young and he was all I had I loved the stories it was an escape from reality until now it was all true and I couldn't just sit there they'd eat me like I was always told my grandfather said they would pray on virgin woman and I was one I promised my father I wouldn't be taken by a man unless I loved them.

I can't remember how long I was running for I just ran I was sure I was totally off the land of their manner and by mistake I ran into some big human beings

"hello, little lady" a man with a large beard and scars said

"hello, I must go" I tired to leave

"sorry sweetie we kinda want to have a little fun" he sneered at me grabbing my arm

"hey let her go"

I whipped my head toward the sound I seen, of course the one and only vampire band. Great. All their teeth were bared and there eyes were a blood red just as the scarlet moon I would have been afraid if they were looking at me but I felt okay, sort of.

My side was gripped and I was taken away from the men blood splatterd everywhere and their heads we're twisted off Niall was holding me as I think Harry was pounding one of them into the wall then Zayn popped in front of me I didn't even see him move there I guess the stories were true his eyes were the normal coco brown and blood soiled his cheek

"we saved you in our law you owe us" I sighed and let him continue he smiled

"let us explain?" I thought for a moment and he was right

"alright" I felt Niall's arms let go and others attach they were Harry's he was purring in my hair I rised an eyebrow at Zayn

"imprinting, if you let me explain before you would know. Come on" he shrugged great I'm the vampire girl now.

Zayn's POV

She took it great I wish she did before this would have been so much easier I was glad to be back home and able to let my fangs loose it was so annoying to not have them out it felt odd I didn't like it.

All of us went to the living room she sat far away from us on the other sofa Harry had been good about everything and didn't say much while Liam explained everything to her but she was a morden girl and wanted to get to know Harry a little more she also took the fact she and Harry were one now alot better then we thought she would and the fact we'd have to turn her at some point, she had rules though.

One she wanted to finish highschool it was her last year and we all wanted to come may as well we were off anyway

Two we can't change her until everything was settled and she had no ties to anyone she knew that was fair.

Her last was before anything would happen she wanted to get to know Harry a bit better it made sense since she would spend her immortal life with him.

I nodded

"we'll enroll tomorrow and take the classes you take so you can get to know Harry and the rest of us better" she nodded and stood up

"can I go home or are you going to follow me again?" she made me laugh again

"no we'll stay put" Harry stood up

"can I drive you home?" I wasn't shocked when she said he could but wasn't pleased either.

Everyone bid them adieu (goodbye) and watched them leave I hope he doesn't do anything stupid.

Harry's POV

"So where do I drop you"

I smiled full heartly as my nose filled with her sweet smell it was ten times more beautiful close not that I couldn't smell her a mile away I had my vampire senses to thank for that

"uh right here" she pointed to a little beige house with two large windows one I seen a living room and a kitchen

"I'll walk you up to the door"

when she nodded I trotted out and opened her side door of my Audi and extended my hand I could see her blush and she took it I smirked at her nervousness.

"Well here you are"

I smiled at her she blushed again a little darker this time it looked nice on her face I was kind of annoyed at the fact my iPhone was going off I think it was Zayn wondering where I was, god leave me alone

"do you...wanna...uh come in?" she mumbled I heard her though I don't think a human would hear that I again thanked my vampire genes for that.

I remembered that a vampire was forbidden to make love to a human Liam told her, I think.
I was about to tell her before she have me a look

"no, I didn't mean that I just meant to talk" I could feel the stupid roll all over my face I guess it was true, I am a pervert.

I felt bad for thinking that and my face showed it

"sorry, yeah I would" there were alot of things we needed to talk about anyway.

She fumbled for her keys and opened the door I let her in first like the century old gentlemen I was, psst no I'm an old man.

"Autumn I'm sorry I put all this on you" she hushed me

"please like its your fault, Liam explained it and an imprint only happens when you have lots in common" I was impressed she remembered

"well okay" I smiled at her and she smiled back

"let me go change into my pajamas" she walked a bit before stopping because of my laughing

"what?" she smiled and crossed her arms over her puffed out chest

"oh uh... We don't sleep" she looked shocked and laughed with me a bit

"see that's why your here" she laughed a bit more I loved it she sounded so pretty when she did it

"to tell me these things"

I laughed as she left to go change so I took the opertutiy to look around her house was simple lots of photos of her with other girls I'm guessing her friends and two boys in a couple of them they caught my interest I faced it, they looked similar all brown haired and hazel eyed Autumn had a really green tint to her eyes though

"those are my brothers"

I jumped when I heard her from the door frame she was wearing baggie pajama pants with little cows printed all over them and a large Harvard sweater which was burgen and yellow print

"the one on the left is my twin brother and the other is our older" I couldn't help the smile on my face

"my twins names is Jaykob and my older brother is twenty and his names Dominic" she sighed I could tell she was upset

"they died A month ago in a crash".

"I'm sorry" I said feeling bad she waved it off and sat on the white sofa and I sat too.

This is going to be a long night.
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