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I was NORMAL and about to move on to the next part of my life little did I know that just ONE, One Direction concert would change all my plans I really have nothing to leave behind no family, they died, so why not spent forever with you?

Hi, My Name Is Harry Styles.

I Am A Vampire, I Am Not The Only One. There Are Five More.

This Is Our Story.

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5. Interesting

(Hey sorry if the chapters are...lazy)

Harry's POV

I laughed as she did it was five in the morning and she didn't looked tired at all "Harry I feel like I've known you forever" she said touching my arm I felt a little more human as she did that "good cause I've lived forever, your a baby compared to me" I laughed she stopped and looked at me "I think I would be okay hanging with you for a few centuries" she smiled I felt my black heart get warm, I'm kidding I have a normal heart just like you.

I looked at her "I think I could to, Autumn. I really do" I paused taking her hand "Autumn I know we really only have known each other for a day or two but can I kiss you?" I blushed a hard red and it got worse when she stared at my eyes "yeah, only of I can call you my brother, bestfriend and boyfriend" she smiled I can't believe she remembered that part "yeah I'd like that only if I can" I moved closer to her and locked my lips to hers it was soft and sweet her lips fit with mine she moaned into it and I let go "the boys are blowing up my phone I have to go home now, besides you need sleep we've got school tomorrow" I smiled and kissed her cheek taking to the door watching her almost pass in the sofa I smiled "night beautiful" I mumbled.

Zayn's POV

"Where the hell is he" I huffed as Louis just laughed it off "how is this funny to you he could have committed the worst crime, Lou" I yelled barring my teeth at him making Melissa shift a little in worry I did have strength of a god after all and Louis only as a rejecting ability that's the ability to reject a power used against him and and push it on the creator. Mine he can't push on me nor he could Melissa but Liam and Niall he could.

Liam's ability was the pain illusion he makes his pry have a "burning sensation" if you will now that's what Louis can reject Niall's as well his is Almost like Liam's but a shock feeling so far all of us have really worked and made each other really strong not to sound like 'we're the best and you suck' but we are for two hundred years we have been the strongest coven and the leaders don't question they know what we can do and never brother us. Apart we can fall but together we can take down anything and I think that's why no one brothers us, yeah we kick ass.

Louis shook his head and fixed his beenie "Harry knows the boundaries and the law and so does she and besides he's a youngling he doesn't know how to hold his power and were teaching him he knows that and also knows that if he commits the crime of mating with her he'd kill her" I nodded knowing that. He's young and the young ones don't know how to handle power he may be a couple hundred years old but still needs to learn those things take time and also knows if he does he'll lose it and will kill her, humans are very fragile.

Louis' POV

I want Harry to be happy but being the eldest of the coven I need to look out for everyone and I'm the carefree crazy one and sometimes I need to step up and watch everything it's fine for me I can do it "look he'll come he knows I'll kill him" I laughed we were in the upstairs living room and it was just us three Zayn, Melissa and I, Liam and Niall had gone to hunt it was their turn.

All three of us nearly flipped when we heard the grand door open, in less than a second we were down stairs, gotta love super speed.
"Harry" I exclaimed hearing him enter he looked up at me "hey" I smiled and walked toward him "what happend didn't kill her did you" I joked knowing full well he knew he could and pressing it harder in him in hopes it would push him away from any thought of it "we got to know each other and kissed once, I didn't do anything bad" he smiled and I smiled I was glad he found her she would fit in wonderfully "good, I'm glad" I patted his back "I can't wait to add to the coven" he nodded and sat on the sofa near him "gotta wait for that" he laughed.

"well, let's get ready for school" I smiled I knew that it would be easy since we don't sleep we have a lot of time to kill and we read and study our brains can hold more than humans can so it was easy to learn a lot in so little time.

This well be interesting.
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