Bite Me

I was NORMAL and about to move on to the next part of my life little did I know that just ONE, One Direction concert would change all my plans I really have nothing to leave behind no family, they died, so why not spent forever with you?

Hi, My Name Is Harry Styles.

I Am A Vampire, I Am Not The Only One. There Are Five More.

This Is Our Story.

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14. I Think

Autumn's POV

It's been a week since I laid eyes on my now vampire brothers, it was great to have them with me. Forever.
I would have to say its been kind of odd to do anything with Harry and them being around to see it, Harry kept trying to touch me too.


We were all siting around and Liam was filling them in on everything they needed to know, like he did with me and Harry wouldn't stop pushing me on his lap, rubbing my inner thigh or somehow touching my breasts and not even one person noticed.

Again Harry was running his hand on my thigh, "Harry, enough." I scolded him, "no." Harry whispered to me, I can't believe he was doing this now and in front of my brothers, come to think of it ever since that day he's been doing this. I looked into his golden green eyes and his face locked onto mine his eyes showed me many things; anger, bloodlust, want. It scared me.

I hated the fact that everyone retired to their room, or wherever-we don't sleep so usually we do things like learn new things or read books, watch television, anything to keep our ever growing minds busy. 
Harry didn't seem to keen on reading. Oh no.

Harry and I walked up the stairs I tried so many times to keep away from there but nothing seemed to work. "Sweet" Harry purred to me, locking his eyes onto my body and running up and down it like a hungy animal, I didn't like it. "Yes?" I asked seeming to have no clue to what he wanted slowly resting in the bed holding a book in my hand ready to read, he had other plans though. I watched though the corner of my eye Harry had turned off most of the lights like the ones in the bathroom and the little hall to our small kitchen, yeah odd right? 

Then he came and sat right next to me, I could tell by the harsh huffing on my neck,
"I want you, Autumn." He said very loud not caring who could hear. I looked at him my eyes widen at his words I knew he would do something I just thought it would be less extreme "Harry, no" I shook my head rapidly, making him growl.
Not good.
"Autumn, I've wanted you for a week now. I'm going to have you" I could see less of the Harry I know and love in his eyes as his body slowly started to draped over mine "Harry, stop-" I was cut with a kiss it was hard and unforgiving I didn't mind it, didn't like it either. When he let go I stared at him his eyes totally red and his fangs were out they made his lips push forward a little no human would see such a small detail but I did, "your mine, so don't say no. Kay" I nodded knowing that I shouldn't defy his order "good girl." He laughed deeply making me melt he lifted off mine and his shirt I could see his abs, god help me I took a moment to really realise he was mine, any girl would love to have him or was that just cause he was in a boy band and they had no idea what he really was. I really don't care to find that answer.

I could feel his kisses on my neck and collar I also felt everything else I was wearing gone from my frame the lights were off, and I sort of didn't care. I felt him bite down on the soft flesh of my neck I gasped and rose to his frame while he did this my naked body bending to his almost naked one as it was suppose to, he truly had me under his control. In every way a man should.

I felt his fingers move to the lower part of me and the pain in my neck was shrouded with pleasure. He was playing around with my slit and rotating his thumb on the little pick button every woman has, I couldn't help but moan out his name, the name of the man controlling me, "Harry" I shuttered out looking for something to grip on to, I found his sweet curls I held onto his soft brown curly mess of hair, "cum for me" he moaned intertwining his free hand into my hair, as he pumped both his pointer and middle into 
me hitting the soft bundle of nerves, again I did as told and rose to an orgasm pushing my body until we were chest to chest. 

"Good, girl" he told me taking his fingers from me along with my clear liquid and licking my release "that's my girl" he moaned, even though before I didn't want this I needed him, now.

"Harry... Please" I whined making him smirk after he licked his fingers free of me "please, what?" He teased, I didn't like it. Yes I did for some reason I like being dominated is that odd? No not at all.

"I want you" I asked if he wanted me to beg for his cock I would not even if he's dominate to me in the male, female way I would not say it. I still have something in that sense right?

"so you want me this time, huh?" He laughed teasing my entrance with his shaft I growled out at him making him laugh, but apply to my begging making me gasp in pleasure, before it hurt because I was human but now it felt nice.

His moves were sweet and soft unlike before Harry moaned as much as I did and both of us really didn't care who heard, I've wanted him like this for a long time even though I had him once before it was nothing like this, before it was painful and harsh because I wasn't a vampire now I was and wanted him.

We went for little over an hour in many different positions until I felt my walls tighten on him and his thrusts got sloppy and odd I could tell he was reaching his orgasm by his short gasps and grunts. We were sitting up right and he was holding me resting his hands on my thighs bouncing me, guiding me because I couldn't do it myself.

Then I felt hot liquid spree inside of me as my body rose and hugged his tightly panting softly into his ear and he huffed into my neck his sweat matted the hair on the back of his neck, I could tell because my hands rested there and were sort of wet. His body let go and crushed with mine panting and huffing I rested inside his chest intertwining my fingers with his and my legs as well.

Now I got to hold him. Best part we stared into each others eyes, yeah I could do this.


Melissa's POV

I know I'm pregnant but how to tell Zayn, I can't no, he has to know its not fair to him it's not fair to me I mean men don't know this but I think Louis does, the fourth stage is a signal telling you that you can bare children.
But I never went through it.
So this scares me.

I have to tell him, when I find him.

I bet he's at the mall.
Now your just avoiding him.
Maybe I can for a little while. 
It's only eight in the morning I'll be fine, a couple hours, to get my words in order.
Yeah that works.
I think.

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