Bite Me

I was NORMAL and about to move on to the next part of my life little did I know that just ONE, One Direction concert would change all my plans I really have nothing to leave behind no family, they died, so why not spent forever with you?

Hi, My Name Is Harry Styles.

I Am A Vampire, I Am Not The Only One. There Are Five More.

This Is Our Story.

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3. How

Zayn's POV

Well after one hundred years he finally found his chosen, took long enough.
I'm happy for him not so much for the girl though it's sucks to be bitten I can remember the pain I felt I was blessed to imprint on an already blood vampire you see not all of us become vampires were just born that way Melissa's story is an odd one she was born form a human mother and a vampire father.

Her father imprinted on a human but didn't want to take her mortal life away so he left it than married and lived together for three years and in our realm we have rules to follow like you do and to make love to a human was forbidden and would be delt with in the highest way possible; death.

Her father did it anyway as well it was almost impossible for a human to bare a 'demon' child as we are called but her mother did and died giving birth to her and that's why she's with me today.

Being bitten is horrid it lasts for maybe under an hour to help your body adjust to the poison we inject but not just anyone can change a human you have to be the chosen and Harry's must be the one to do it.

I hugged Melissa to my frame and she hugged it back which made me smile

"Awh, your the cutest couple"

I looked over to see Autumn smiling at me she was beautiful I can see why Harry chose her, that's a bad joke you need to have almost everything in common to imprint so I guess we have another Harry, oh god.

Melissa smiled "I'm Melissa" she extended her hand to Autumn

"hi Melissa I'm Autumn"

she tried to move her hands from Harry's hair only to have him growl and made her stop when a vampire imprints on another whatever the male wants to happen, happens and the female listens, it just goes that way the male is alwasy the dominate if you will

"sorry" Autumn said making Melissa laugh

"it's okay I can already tell well be amazingly good friends so don't worry" she smiled, Melissa has the gift to see into the future and I bet she just used it, great so this all well go about smoothly.

Autumn blushed and it was so easy to tell "oh thank you I hope so" again Melissa laughed

"I know so" I tapped her side and she stopped knowing what I meant

"so meeting One Direction at a concert and going home with us your handling this really well"

Melissa said I had to say Autumn was oddly enough I looked back to her she was pretty, long bronze hair sweet cream skin the dress she wore stood out more because of her pale completion there was no blemish anywhere that I could see.

Her hair was as straight as a standing flagpole and in the wind looked like it would wave as much as the flag would. I seen before she had long nails she was about Harry's size everything about her appearance I analysed and that's all I could tell I know nothing of her person I trust she's like Harry though she must be for him to have chosen her.

My thoughts had distracted me from the outside world and we soon arrived at the house.

How are we going to tell her?

"Okay this is the manner of One Direction"

I smile as she looked around while Liam held Harry who was whimpering trying to get to Autumn, you see when you first imprint on someone your body and mind says you need to be close to them well that would just freak her out and at some point she will need to know what we are she's in this now and there's no going back I should be the one to tell her

"boys lets talk" I flicked my finger and they followed me and Melissa into the next room our living room.

Harry was still struggling in Liams arms but we can't let him near her he'd bite her and we can't have that.

"So I should be the one to tell her shouldn't I?" I knew the most about this anyway Liam nodded to me

"yeah we'll come, Zayn" we left for the room and there she was sitting on a grand chair.

She looked very at peace maybe because Harry's imprint coxed her to, whatever the reason for it I was glad she's needs to be calm for this.

"Hey, I should be off" Harry was right about to freak before I added

"no, no sit we should talk about something" she looked a little worried but nodded and settled again

"so what's on our mind, Zayn"

I sighed and sat across from her it's not like I needed to I was gifted with super human strength and could hold her off if needed

"Autumn there's something we have to tell you, and you can't leave or freak" I said she looked wary but let me continue

"were century old vampires and Harry imprinted on you" she gave me a bewilder look and I knew she didn't believe me I looked back at the boys and than at her and sighed I opened my mouth and let my fangs extend and eyes redden as I watched her expression changed from calm and board to frighten and unsure.

I heard her gasp "I'm sorry I scared you" I tried but she just screamed and stood up

"oh my god your real,I....I" she held her fisted hand to her chest

"I can't hurt you" I tired to say rushing to my feet and extended my arm I watched her flinch away

"get away" she screamed I couldn't do anything as she ran I could only stand there the door slammed and heard her run, our hearing is amazing as well.

I thought she would take it better than that.
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