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I was NORMAL and about to move on to the next part of my life little did I know that just ONE, One Direction concert would change all my plans I really have nothing to leave behind no family, they died, so why not spent forever with you?

Hi, My Name Is Harry Styles.

I Am A Vampire, I Am Not The Only One. There Are Five More.

This Is Our Story.

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16. Home

Autumn's POV

Melissa and Zayn have been fighting for about an hour now and none of us want to be in the middle of it so we left including my brothers my older brother went back to his studies at Harvard, to finish his a master in math and all the sciences they have to offer.

Jakob on the other hand went off to our home Australia, you heard me right fin from the one and only and we all still have our accents, Harry finds it adorable.

Jakob went back to his studies in higher English I was glad their lives were getting back on track, their lies were they went into comas and just came out I hope no one will see through it.

Harry and I on the other hand were hanging around our room, not one of us dared going out onto the main livingroom in fear we would get in the way.
I just came from the onsweet in my brother Domininc's Harvard sweater, plain grey sweats and Harry's beenie when Niall popped out of our little kitchen mouth full of German chocolate cake "uh hey" I said awkwardly, when did he get here? "Way" Niall barly mumbled trying not to lose the coco wonder he munched away on, it made me laugh a bit.

I guess he was here because of Harry I heard the television so I took a shot I think maybe for some guy time, like games and swearing at the players or program.

Whatever they do.

I should find out.

I followed Niall into our on set livingroom and sure enough there was Harry sitting and pounding away at the Xbox controller in his hand I decided to sit and talk with them, or watch whatever.

"hey there's the leprechaun, oh and my kitten" Harry smiled stretching his arm out in the back of the sofa making Niall laugh.



"ugh, what" I teased huffing cutely at him crossing my arms over my chest hiding the yellow printed Harvard logo on it Harry laughed at my child like display "what, no like" he puffed out his bottom lip out miming me in the child sense.

I shook my head and plopped down on the cozy beige arm chair close to the matching three seat sofa. I hung my legs over the left side and smiled at him "I like it, bear" he laughed at that as did Niall.

Harry nodded and went back to his game as did Niall when there was a loud slamming noise I jolted upward as did Harry and Niall, Niall stayed in his spot but Harry appeared in front of me.

Ahw, he was protecting me.

Even though there was not danger, it was Melissa and she looked angry, okay maybe a little danger.
"pack your things, we're going Autumn" melissa yelled into the room, uh what?

Harry's shoulders sagged abit "uh, Melissa where do you plan on taking my kitten?" he asked still sounding defensive, it's going to take a little to get use to that nickname. 
Melissa exhaled and looked at me then Harry "to my winter home in Australia for girl time, god knows I need it," I perked up abit knowing my twin was there even if Dominic wasn't there it would still be fun.

"Yes!" I screamed making Harry turn in shock "What!" he half yelled, "Why not? She needs me" I argued my case Harry huffed loudly knowing he couldn't disagree and nodded I jumped on his back and hugged him making Niall fall in a fit of laughter and Harry just fall,

Home here I come!

Harry didn't want to let me go but I shook him off at the airport the many screaming girls helped that as did the guards we took to the sky Melissa said she didn't want this trip to revolve around her telling me all about the fight she and Zayn had, this was going to be more of a 'I took his wallet and were going to blow up his plastic till the chip falls off' which I was happy about, yeah I'm a girl I like to shop. 

So hush.

Anyway Melissa and I laughed about on thing or another while Harry was blowing up my phone until I turned it off thank god about that two if it was on any longer people would have thought I had an active sex toy on me.

Yes, laugh at that.

Melissa and I wore cozy clothes for the plane; both of us had grey sweats and matching uggs. We sported Zayn and Harry's tee shirts Melissa wore Zayn's guns n' roses and I took Harry's mick jagger one.

Even If she and him had a fight doesn't mean she was angry at him, I think he was the only one that was, but I promised her I wouldn't talk about it at all durning the vacation.

Harry insistent I wear his beenie even Melissa had one of Zayn's snapbacks also I was told to take Harry's airplane necklace and Melissa had Zayn's great grandmothers necklace.

It was sweet, well the fact we wore more of their stuff then ours.

Well the plane should land soon,
Can't wait to go home.

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