Bite Me

I was NORMAL and about to move on to the next part of my life little did I know that just ONE, One Direction concert would change all my plans I really have nothing to leave behind no family, they died, so why not spent forever with you?

Hi, My Name Is Harry Styles.

I Am A Vampire, I Am Not The Only One. There Are Five More.

This Is Our Story.

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13. God I Hope

Zayn's POV

We've been home for about two hours now and it's been nothing but 'play' for me if you get my meaning, aha I hope so cause I don't have enough breath to explain. Man, she's wild! I almost can't take her.
It's time to get dressed, do the walk of shame, and try to hold my head up high.
"Hello, everyone." I said to them holding Melissa close to me. Louis waved me off laughing at whatever Harry was talking about, I guessing something Autumn had said. He's been off about her all night, and it's three am. I'm glad Louis can take it. I don't think I ever could.
"Gosh, won't you shut up, Harry." Louis laughed taking a sip of his O regular, blood. Is what I mean.
"Sorry, can't help it she's just, so.. Amazing." Harry said to him, I'm guessing for about the second time, maybe.

Harry ruffled his hair, like always.
While laughing. "Hey, whatever." He laughed it off. "Hey, speaking of Autumn. Where is she?" Melissa asked, looking around cutely in my eyes for her.
Harry's laughing stopped and dis what Melissa did and looked around for her. "I, uh don't know." He answered truthfully. I could tell it was, too.

Louis stood up, slowly "she wouldn't have left." He stated, I don't even think he believed himself, let alone us too.
"Well, let's find her." I said scratching the side of my neck. 
I could feel Melissa leave my side, yay.
I don't like not being by her side, it makes me nervous.
"I'll find her." Melissa stated happily to us, we all went anyway. 

"Autumn," Harry called with a hint of worry in his voice, anyone could tell. He just got her offially yesterday, mind you. "Relax, Haz. She's here... Somewhere." Even I had my doubts which were right, by the loud screaming we heard and, of course Harry ran off up first. 

When we got there Autumn was in a shivering pile, next to two men I didn't know and Harry, what the hell?
Harry laughed a bit, what?! "Awh my suprise." What! Everyone was in shock, "what, 'suprise'?" I mocked the word. Harry laughed, still didn't answer my question "guys, this is Jakob and Dominic. Autumn's brothers, they died along time ago and Louis helped me bring them back." He nodded like it was nothing, believe me it was something, I know for a fact we can't do that.
Louis laughed, "my secrets out, I guess." Louis laughed taking the back of his neck into his hand.

"What!" I blurted out, Louis only laughed again. I furrowed my eyebrows together wanting an answer, which he gave to us. "Harry was the only one that knew, I guess I should tell. Second semester vampires, like myself gain the ability to rise the dead, if you will." Louis paused. "We, I guess restore whoever we want, well aside the age change and everything." He told us I looked at the boys that were holding Autumn's fainted figure, she showed us pictures of them. 

Just like the photos. 

"Man" I gasped, that was really nice of Lou and Haz. "Well, nice to meet you." I said to them, both of them looked up at me, "Hey, Dominic. The older one." He smirked up at me, yeah like I thought vampire "nice to meet you, Zayn. Zayn Mailk" he extended his hand to me and I took it. "Hey I'm Jakob, the twin" I turned to find him smiling, so much like Autumn.
"Call me Jake though." He laughed taking my hand, "nice to meet you, glad to have you apart of the family" I smiled down at both of them.

When Autumn started to sturr, "Harry I had the oddest dream, my brothers were alive again and vampires." She said with her eyes closed, Harry laughed "Open your eyes, love." Autumn did and looked shocked, again I'm guessing. "Dom, Jake. Your here" she gasped I could see the red tears form in her eyes. "Yea, and not going anywhere. Ever" Jakob said to her, "Really, Autumn. Not ever" Dominic told her.

Even I believe that. 

Melissa's POV

It's been a great day, we met and hang out with Autumn's brothers and learned their unique abilities are, super strength which Dominic held proudly, actually it really fit him. Jakob he's a tracker, a really good tracker I think better than Marcus. Which is very good.

I wasn't feeling to well so I excused myself, and went to our room I knew it was bad when I had to throw up, most of it was blood.

God I hope Zayn doesn't come in.


(Hey guys, didn't really edit this, just typed. enjoy)

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