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I was NORMAL and about to move on to the next part of my life little did I know that just ONE, One Direction concert would change all my plans I really have nothing to leave behind no family, they died, so why not spent forever with you?

Hi, My Name Is Harry Styles.

I Am A Vampire, I Am Not The Only One. There Are Five More.

This Is Our Story.

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8. Clean Him

Louis' POV
I was being held upstairs when Harry came in the door and I couldn't be held back I raced though the house and down to the door where he was his white v-neck wasn't just white anymore it was covered in blood, her blood? No it didn't smell like it at all.
It was his.
"Harry" I gasped as all the anger fell from me, his face was a sickly white eyes almost a dead black, blood was dripping on the floor his arms looked clawed open I'm sure his chest was as bad even his neck was coloured with a fine red "oh Harry" I heard behind me it was Melissa "oh my what" he darkly put looking up at us I didn't know his face was covered in blood "why" she sobbed to him "why do you think" he lifted his head up more his blood matted hair bounced with his movement I couldn't tell maybe all of it was covered in his blood "why didn't you see this" he raised his arm and blood sprayed across the wood floor Melissa was hidden behind Zayn it was the his job after all, "what do you mea-" Harry silenced Zayn "what do you think I mean why didn't anyone stop me!" he screamed he sounded a bit hostile "Harry i'm sorry I can't control when I get my visions" she yelled behind Zayn.

I had to step in before he started to yell at her again and make sure Zayn wouldn't try anything it's time to take my coven and get it under control "Enough" I shouted my voice echoed through the halls "Harry you can't blame anyone but yourself" his face dropped again and more of his blood dripped from his face I think he was crying don't get me wrong we cry normally but when we're truly in pain we cry our own blood. Odd I know.

I continued "Harry its your own fault it was stupid and unneeded you shouldn't wish Melissa seen it sooner, you shouldn't rely on all of us to get you out of things. Harry i'm not meaning we won't be there but sometimes we can't" I reasoned with him I could hear the soft sobs coming from him "I'm sorry, I put all you in danger" he cried out no one spoke until I did "it's alright Harry it's hard sometimes you just have to remember that you now have another life you have to protect aside from yourself don't worry so much about us just her okay?" it was true when you find a chosen they become everything and become your first priority.

I deemed Harry safe to walk to so I helped him up "come on let's get you in the bath" he nodded weakly as Niall came up and helped me hold him I could hear Niall whispering sweet nothing's into his ear it made me smile.

Niall's POV
Harry made a massive seen and he was losing a lot of blood, it looked like he tried to rip his skin off I guess he felt 'disgusted' in his own skin for doing it, touching her I mean I nor anyone else could see what Melissa did so I assume Autumn was purple head to toe, that's a least what Louis said if you made love to a human and they didn't die I hope to see her soon I've only had it discribed to me I want to see how bad it really was.

I'm sure this was a wake up call for all of us and if Harry doesn't turn her soon the elder council will have this brought to matter and we'll get in trouble. I've only ever seen them once when I was a child I'm sure they look much different now I was to young to understand the matter of why they came and still no one told me and I don't really care to find out.
I just hope I won't ever see them again.

"come on let's get him clean and fix the wounds" Louis told me I nodded leaving everyone behind in the grand hall to clean up the mess Harry's blood had left them while we get to deal with him, yay.

We got him to the bathroom and set him on a chair inside and Louis slowly took his blood stained shirt off no doubt he can't wear that anymore. As I thought he was trying to scrap his skin off I knew he felt uncomfortable "Harry pants to" Louis said awkwardly Harry nodded and slipped them off he was only in his boxers and blood, very deep cuts they were long looked to be ripped open and just gushing down his legs and the same for his arms, neck and face he looked like he came from a slasher movie if he wasn't a vampire he'd be dead by now, hell If I wasn't a vampire I would be throwing up everything I'd eaten in the last hour.

I guess we have to clean him.
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