Bite Me

I was NORMAL and about to move on to the next part of my life little did I know that just ONE, One Direction concert would change all my plans I really have nothing to leave behind no family, they died, so why not spent forever with you?

Hi, My Name Is Harry Styles.

I Am A Vampire, I Am Not The Only One. There Are Five More.

This Is Our Story.

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9. Bite Her

Louis' POV

Much to Harry's protests we cleaned him, bandaged him and dressed him and everyone sat down stairs apologising about this and that none of us like being mad at the other so we always fix it when it was brought to my attention Autumn might not be safe "Harry" I interrupted his conversation with Liam and Zayn "yes" he looked over at me "we should get Autumn, she might be in danger" I told him he realised she might me and nodded franticly at me "lets go then, everyone else stay here".

Harry's wounds provented him from him from running so we took his Audi, I drove.
"was I stupid to leave her?" Harry asked braking the quiet "no" I said trying to make him feel better it was night by the time he got home and I really can't tell what happend to her I hope nothing bad..

Harry and I soon arrived and it was nothing good her front door looked to be forced open both he and I jump in and there stood the Elders gripping her neck "get her go" I heard Harry demand as all three turned to face us "ah Louis and my young Harold what a suprise" the eldest one, Arch spoke he was a man in the Roman ages when he was turned far more powerful and knowledge then me, I held a candle to the boys and Melissa but I was a bug to this man, if this turned into anything more than talking I wouldn't be able to do any harm to either of them "oh my" Arch spoke again "is this little thing important to you" I could tell he was gripping onto Autumns neck harder as he spock by her breathing and foot movement the sad thing was she looked exalty like Harry before we patched him up and almost looked as dead too.

I nodded a yes to him "please Arch do be so kind to drop her" I asked hoping Harry could hold back, I heard him growling "really well I don't think I can, Louis you see she's made love to your Harold and its against our laws" his voice rash and dark like it always was with a hint of romanian accent to his lips "I thought it was the vampire dies not the human" I shot back at him hoping it would prompted him to let go of her "it was changed" his blonde hair swished with his long black robe as he turned to face us his nails digging into Autumn choking her.
I have to do something.

I stepped a little closer knowing Harry did as well "she can't die" I simply put "why is that" the other tall blonde elder Marcus stepped forward he and Arch shared the sweet blue but it was tarnished by the sickly red.
"please" I begged Archs eyes darted from me to Autumn and he rolled them tossing her a little always from them and us I knew Harry would run to her when he got the chance and did.

The youngest not by much though, Valdoma laughed a bit "my, my did someone imprint?" he mocked. Valdoma looked different from Marcus and Arch he was short, brown eyed and black haired and I hated him the most and his unique power as well;
He had something called 'proventing' as its named it porvents anyone, and I mean anymore from using the ability, I bet that's how he stalled Melissa vision he can't stop something like that but can stall for as long as he wants. Marcus however has the power to track anyone and anything just by their name it's an evil little thing and I hate it.

And Arch I actually don't know his I don't even think the other elders know it either that scares me "yes, Harry did imprint and he cares greatly about her so you can't kill her" I almost had to stop the snarl from coming out. Arch looked over at Harry I didn't want to leave them out of my sight but I did and tere Harry was holding Autumn tightly to him crying bloody tears "oh dear she's not a vampire yet now is she" Arch looked back to me ad I did to him "no" I said casting my eyes downward.

Arch stepped toward Harry talking morally to him but still to me "then she must be bitten by her master" Marcus hissed through his teeth "ah yes the only way she can live" Valdoma laughed evilly.

Arch 'hmm' and nodded "yes bite her, or death to all you and your covon" I looked at Harry he nodded "alright, I'll bite her" he sobbed opening his mouth and letting his fangs show.

"here we go"
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