Last First Kiss

Amy is your average 19 year old girl. Harry Styles is her favourite member of One Direction. When Amy and her best friend Vanessa win a chance to meet the boys, they go crazy. Harry finds himself falling head over heels for Amy.


3. The Beach

Amy's P.O.V 

"Amy!" I see Vanessa running towards me. "Okay. What babe." Vanessa looked super tired. "Liam asked me to be his girlfriend. Do I say yes?" I nod, "Yep. 'Cause me and Harry are dating!" "Really! Since when?" She demands. "Yesterday." I reply, coolly. She spins on her heel and storms out. "How dare you." She barks at Harry, as he comes in. "What was that all about?" He asks. I shrug, "No clue." He kisses my forehead. "I just came to ask if you wanted to go to the beach." I smile, "I'd love to. You gotta help me pick a bikini though." Harry smirks, "With pleasure, I'm really good at this stuff." I look him up and down, jokingly. I nod, "Permision granted." Harry leans in, and I wrap my hands around his neck. We are making out when there is a knock on the door. It is Louis, "Am I interupting something?" We shake our heads. Harry's face furns red in imbaressment. "Are you guys ready to hit the beach?" We nod, "Just let me get change." Harry laughs, because we said it in unison.  "You two were really ment for each other." Louis smiles, and walks out. "I'll change in the bathroom." I whisper.The boys' house is really big. There is like ten rooms, but Vanessa and Liam share a room, and me and Harry share one. "Or, you could get dressed in here." I slowly nod. "Okay." "I won!" Harry sings at the top of his lungs.. 

Harry's P.O.V

Amy looked so beautiful, in her bikkini. Her gaze set on my abs. "You like what you see?" I smirk. "No." She says quickly.

"Your so pretty, Amy." She giggles, "No I'm not." I pretend glare at her. "Liar!" I yell, scooping her up over my shoulder. I run down to the beach, with Amy screming at me. "Harry Edward Styles! Put me down. NOW!" "Okay." I say, dropping her in the water. "Harry!" "Have some fun!" I yell, swimming away. About thirty seconds later Amy's arm wrapped around my waist from behind. "Jeez! Amy!" "Did I scare you?" "No!" I say, in disgust."I did too!"She screams. "I love you!" I say. "Aw. Haz, I love you too." She places her hand on my back, and pulls me under the water. She pushes her lips to mine. Her lips moving in sync. I smile, into the kiss. We surface, laughing like idiots. "That was, hillarious." Amy threw her head back, smiling. I put my nose in the crook of her neck. Amy giggles. "Amy, do wanna get out now?"She nods, "Yeah. I'm getting cold." We swim to the shore and step out. "LOUIS!" I scream, "BRING US A TOWEL!" Louis comes running over, he throws the towel in our faces. We wrap the towel around us both. Our noses touch. Everything is perfect. Totally perfect.

a/n hey. first three chapters have been published. yay! next three will be published... when im finished them. lol


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