Last First Kiss

Amy is your average 19 year old girl. Harry Styles is her favourite member of One Direction. When Amy and her best friend Vanessa win a chance to meet the boys, they go crazy. Harry finds himself falling head over heels for Amy.


5. Last First Kiss

Harry's P.O.V

After I found out Amy was pregnant, I haven't been feeling myself. "Harry?" I hear Amy say, "What's up? You haven't been acting like the Harry I know." I pat the spot next to me, gesturing for her to sit next to me. Instead she sits in my lap. "It's just I've been thinking. About the baby." "Is that all?"  She asks, her tone soft, and soothing. "No. I want to be your 'Last First Kiss'. Ever since I met you, I've felt this way. I have never loved a girl as much as you before." Her eyes widen and her smile stretches from ear to ear. "Harry. I accept that offer. Of you being my 'Last First Kiss'." I press my lips to hers. "Harry. I've never felt this way about  a boy before. It's like, true love." I smile, rubbing my nose on hers. Amy giggles, I love it when she does that. "That giggle is adorable. You know that?" Amy looks into my eyes, "Those eyes are gorgeous. You know that?" I nod, "Mocking me?" I tickle her. "Harry! I wasn't mocking you!" Amy laughs. "Okay. For me to stop tickling you, you have to say, 'Harry is a sexy beast!'" Amy looks at me, "HARRY IS A SEXY BEAST!" I remove my hands from her sides, "Mawhahaha! I got you to admit!" She glares at me."If looks could only kill." She laughs. I lean in and kiss her. I feel her smile into this kiss. We share everything with each other. Altough she hasn't told me about her parents. Yet. I will find out. I will.


a/n sorry this chapter is so short. tell me what you think so far. 

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